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  1. CaoS

    Getting Limos To...

    im gona assume you're tryina take the piss or get some kinda anti-cdj comments out of me...
  2. CaoS

    Getting Limos To...

    i drive to ravesand drive back in various states...bait you cycle to clubs...
  3. Imo, i find this unecessary UNLESS it works out cheaper than a taxi/2 taxis/minivan because theres loads of you...but i still find it a bit ott and stupid when i find people who have obviously rented a limo...step out all like they're doin it...then walk to the back of the line at a rave/club the f*ck?it just means uve spent money to look even more ridiculous than what they already might...*waits bait clubbers to moan about post*those of you who do this (besides if it works out cheaper of corse)...why do you do it?a ride in a different kind of car to a rave or club just doesnt really make any sense to me as to why ppl would actualy pay more for this kinda thing?(unless you're famous n what not)
  4. CaoS


    i havent had my car working for like 4 weeks now...i cant go anywhere part from at night when i get picked up n sh*ti aint gona sit on the pc the whole time n ive rinsed every single dvd in the world lolrealisticaly lol at being able to go out n do other stuff but sittin on ere all day..seen
  5. CaoS

    school uniforms...

    na...just not some bait "wifey bellend" [email protected] posing in the mirror with 1 hand bait camera fone in panties tits out nips covered sending u pics kinda slagnot my thing
  6. CaoS


    so both them irish bros have hiv?or just one of them?and does mercedes now have it ye?
  7. CaoS

    school uniforms...

    its too bait for me to like it...it aint original n makes me think woh...its all about chicks that do some reh sh*tlike that sweaty greasy c*nt topic
  8. ye man but the jaw is a bit "jaws" ish
  9. CaoS

    Dats moist

    sorry can we get back on topic with her dirty stinking gushing oozing sweaty c*nt cooch sperm-bucket whoreing hole
  10. CaoS

    waking up

    y does it actualy happen?also y does the dream when u fall never finish...u fall n wake up wot would happen if someone foresaw (sp) their death?z0mG! lolz
  11. CaoS

    Dats moist

    maybe its just the sperm oozing out from the pre-show sex?
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