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  1. Ephren Taylor

    FIFA 19

    Patiently waiting for this to be bought for me before I can join in... bday is pending..
  2. What a season top top character that Mr Solomons
  3. Good episode. Can't believe it's the interviews next week
  4. It's crossover time again.... just started the latest episode of Arrow, and saw that I need to watch the latest episode of Supergirl First Crisis on Earth-X (1) - Supergirl Crisis on Earth-X (2) - Arrow Crisis on Earth-X (3) - The Flash Crisis on Earth-X (4) - Legends of Tomorrow
  5. This season so far >>>>>>>>> Sam Esmail is really outdoing himself
  6. Ephren Taylor


    Once again... Rowan >>>>>>
  7. Ephren Taylor


    Skeppy still got flows on flows
  8. Ephren Taylor


    Pre orders available now
  9. Sorry for the delay....lost mypassword....My brother runs a brunch company in Dubai. He has an app 'LetsBrunch' available on all platforms... Helps you figure out which brunch to hit by type, number of people etc.... Him and his missus are called MrAndMrsBrunch.... If you ever need any advice about what's popping in Dubai, they are they people to holla. They can usually arrange discounts, guestlists, concessions etc
  10. We back Season 7x1 - Skin In The Game has dropped
  11. I enjoyed it Was annoyed with how easy it was to just breeze through this season... Wonder where they're going to take it
  12. Mike aint playing no games Tyne Lexi was doomed from early... Enjoying the snakiness this season
  13. Harrowing news. R.i.p the victims. This is is absolutely disgusting
  14. Roll on 30th May....... I'm ready
  15. I usually do, but they've only got American commentators on that stream today. I prefer the BT Sport team on this occasion.... never thought I'd ever say that loooool
  16. Can't find any working streams on SM Calendar right now / false alarm..... I'm just obviously very impatient looooooool
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