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  1. Were the directions to this place
  2. Black


    IMO Halo 3 was a let down i was expecting better graphics and story, Good game still
  3. how much was it to go? looks live
  4. Spinning Bird Kicked your whole team fam HAHAHAAA, could never back getting batterd a 4-0 a good thing and in the FA cup certain man been playing to much FM. Lets see how u play against AC
  5. Purple hammer was me still
  6. Black

    3 f*ckING RED LIGHTS

    My boys telling me hes selling 40GB PS3 for 2 bills, might have to invest
  7. Liverpool cant finish off games thats is all no hype I can say i never seen raffa put out a sh*t team, he put out a team to win, the players need to start taking the blame
  8. Yeah I see a lot of fit birds get put up on this site then someone says something stupid like "Her forehead is 1 cm too high" or "Look at them earrings on her man wouldnt touch that with a bamboo stick" all analysing her clothing like theyre from queer eye for the straight guy.
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