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  1. djbmc

    GTA (V) 5

    how they gonna get the whole apartment thing in multiplayer to work? Say there's maybe 100 of the top apartments available in the city (the most desirable ones) that the maxed level players will all want to buy, how many servers will they have running for your apartment to be available? and what happens if you and ur mate both own the same home but want to play together? do u house share?
  2. djbmc

    The Gym Topic

    Try adding some explosive movements to your workout like box jumps or some sprints. throw a couple of machines in the mix as well, go light and concentrate on form with the squats, then finish yourself off (lulz) with a hack squat or leg press machine.
  3. How to Be Outraged on the Internet BY MARK ON AUG 7, 2013 IN ARTICLES, DESPAIR When Al Gore singlehandedly invented the Internet in 1993, he envisioned a new, shining city upon a hill, where global citizens could debate the issues most important to them. It was a great idea: let’s take the calm, reasoned discussions that occur at every family Thanksgiving, in every bar at 2 a.m., and every basic-cable news channel debate show, and give everybody a chance to join in. What could possibly go wrong? As it turns out: everything. Literally everything. It turns out that when people are give
  4. djbmc

    Music Industry

    http://www.theguardian.com/media/2013/aug/06/edm-electronic-dance-music-singers DJs are making a killing these days as electronic dance music (EDM) is one of the most lucrative sectors of the music industry. Top DJs can demand £50,000 to £100,000 for a gig – and, unlike touring rock acts, they have hardly any overheads. But the scene is hiding a shameful secret – the women who write the melodies and lyrics to the dance hits, as well as sing them, claim they rarely get paid for their work. In the early 1990s, Milli Vanilli and C+C Music Factory found themselves in the midst of a scan
  5. djbmc

    Formal Shirts

    I find buying slim fit a size too big helps. I find it hard to get shirts that are the right length and still allow me to raise both arms without getting too tight on my back
  6. Well rude. Damn foreigners coming into London and taking your jobs.
  7. All these questions for money are ridiculous considering everyone on this site is a street smart investor with a property portfolio.
  8. djbmc

    The Gym Topic

    i swear the number of reps vs. the amount of weight ur lifting isn't on a standard scale, there's some kind of multiplier effect going on. i can get 8 reps out on dumbbell shoulder press on 30k quite easily now, so i jumped up to 34k yesterday: 3 good reps, the fourth was a bit rubbish, although i did complete it. i thought i was gonna get at least 5 out.
  9. djbmc

    some tech news

    wasn't sure where to put this: http://gamerfury.tumblr.com/ brilliant.
  10. Whether or not it's normal or natural isn't the point. You can't fuck your sister coz ur offspring would be extremely ill. You can't abuse children because it's child abuse. Gay relationships aren't either of these things.
  11. I remember back on 95/96 getting my old man to tape the shows for me coz i wasn't allowed to stay up to listen. He's as much a perfomer as the people he interviewed and he'll be missed. As for 1xtra I haven't listened since rampage left. It's shit.
  12. Lol some guys hate gays so much they're researching extreme gay sexual procedures. Perfectly normal behaviour
  13. Whether it's natural or not isn't the point. A homosexual relationship is between two consenting parties. Peadophiles find sexual pleasure in abusing innocent children. The fact that some of you can't make that distinction is worrying to say the least. I can only hope I have been irrevocably trolled.
  14. djbmc


    I heard mgeez was gonna relaunch his rap career as trillbo swaggins. Shortest rapper in the game.
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