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  1. I find some women hilarious, not intentionally like, but they do make me laugh.
  2. Jesus christ man, swear if he didn't have a sock his foot would be on the floor.
  3. They've catted man, that's my 'I Luv U' skank from 05.
  4. oh nothe mockagetry say your girl looks like an animated ogreThey actually look alike though init...
  5. This is already in the sports room bro.
  6. i didn't even clock at 1stLevels.
  7. Birmingham playing like it's already the 90th minute.
  8. The tackle looks like it snapped his shin.Is it comparable to the colin healy injury? That was the most f*cked up leg break I have ever seen!I'm just interested to know what his chances of recovery are. Healy was a decent player but career has gone down the pan since the injury, playing for some Irish league side now.With todays medical capabilities I reckon he'll return.So it's Ankle, it sounds like the Alan Smith one suffered but worse.
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