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  1. Didnt he end spurs.If 'ending' means scoring an own goal for us, then yes. He ended us by knocking out Arsenal and letting us win a cup.Im thinking of the one where he towerd above your defense and scored a bullet header. Lol @ the milk cup.
  2. Anyway someone told me he causes a few problems in training, rubs a people up the wrong way kinda thing.
  3. Man utd boro game. Great game. Defense was a shambles today, two easy goals, just out done by a long ball and flick on, then brown gettin shrugged off in the air lead to the other goal. Yea giggs was damn sh*t, hardly completed a pass and did nething significent. Park was good when he came on, kinda surprising his last two perfomances. Still made good inroads attacking tho, mostly with rooney and ronaldo. Need rio back tho, him and vidic out will cause problems, need one of them back for the run in quick.Boro are a bit of a bogey team tho, and i knew when i seen the weather wit the strong wind
  4. Sick song. Weird kinda video tho. Wiley is in the video hes dressed up as one of the foxes.
  5. I swear all the go on about is wrestlemania to, there already going on about next years. It seems its more about entertainment aswell, like guess apperances, bands playing and sh*t, hardly about the wrestling no more.I got into wrestling proberly like in mid 90s maybe earlier and lost interest around the invasion times, even tho them times looked sick and annoyed i missed it all.
  6. When they havent got that real hostile atposhere at home full of idiots they get exposed.
  7. Arsenal fans where loud untill pool scored. Very loud actually.
  8. I only saw the highlights but chelsea should of came away with atlseast a draw with the chances they had. But fener aint CL semi finals calibare, the semis wouldnt be as good with them in. Nor would anyone care to see kazim.
  9. Whys everyone on this kazims nuts, no one gives a sh*t. I hate chelsea but i want them to go thru to make it a better semi final and for man utd to get them in the final.
  10. Big blow. Go brown at Cb and oshea or hargreaves at Rb.
  11. Should replace eboue with walcott and put eboue at rightback.
  12. Wenger said RVP probaly wont be back for sat or next wednesday.
  13. Torres had no support tonight for most the game. Second half he was 4 on 1 with no liverpool player no where near him.
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