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  1. Radar Radio halts broadcasting

    Radar brought it to themselves. Handled the matter like a typical pirate radio. You can't excuse sexual harrasment at the excuse other peoples job on the line. I am not calling for the put come the outcome they took, but it was all down to the way they handled itm No sympathy. If you are working full time at an organisation that handles such serious matters like that, You seriously have to look at yourself.
  2. Avicii, DJ, dies age 28

    What would you know. Smack head.
  3. Avicii, DJ, dies age 28

    As I said, all subjective. Bangers vary from one individual to another. In his style and genre his catalogue is certified.
  4. General Boxing Thread

    Nah this guy is too unseasoned for TV
  5. General Boxing Thread

    Let my man spit
  6. General Boxing Thread

    draw if he is lucky or else Vargas wins . Broner was a let down.
  7. General Boxing Thread

    Vargas has taken most of the rounds imo.
  8. Avicii, DJ, dies age 28

    Thats subjective. The songs are not my cup of tea. But 1 billion youtube hits on multiple songs and big festival headlining based on his catalogue is worthy of calling it bangers imo.
  9. 2017/18 Hot Summer

    The times we live in (Social media Generation)
  10. General Boxing Thread

    https://twitter.com/linkuptv/status/987821640686952448 Need to reach one of these events.
  11. Obituary Thread

    Rah R.I.P. Didnt he just recently get his star in hollywood?
  12. General Boxing Thread

    Doesn't want no smoke with kell
  13. General Boxing Thread

    Check out @mrdavidhaye’s Tweet: Watched this earlier this week at work. Both seem to have mutual respect for each other this time around. I think bellew would win again
  14. LoL This spurs generstion will never wina trophy, so much for progress. Kane needs to cut asap
  15. Maya Jama

    Fam! That is wild.