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  1. Afroman

    live Fifa Best 2018

    😂 Didnt even know there was a Spanish remix for this
  2. Afroman

    The Video Thread part 2

    Who cares though? She's decent regardless were shes from
  3. Afroman

    live Fifa Best 2018

    Ffs Zidane's plain face 🤣 Dead
  4. Afroman


    Mental!!!! Sick watch.
  5. Afroman

    2017/18 Hot Summer

    Dust. This happened few days ago. Drove past the high street when this unfolded. http://www.barkinganddagenhampost.co.uk/news/crime-court/boy-stabbed-outside-dagenham-heathway-station-1-5701110
  6. Afroman

    The Circle - Channel 4

    Keyboard Joey Caruso. you aint got a stack to your name ginger bread boy. Fuck off
  7. Afroman

    The Circle - Channel 4

    Says the Ginger gammon that was selling said shirts. Brass c*nt
  8. Afroman

    The Circle - Channel 4

    Ginger Gammon
  9. Afroman

    The Circle - Channel 4

    chatty patty gossiping. Nah?
  10. Afroman

    Sexual Bucket Lists

    They often let it out at events & work socials
  11. Afroman

    UK/London Street Style of Yesteryear

    Yeah 7 years late on something that just dropped this fall? Ok mate
  12. Afroman

    Sexual Bucket Lists

    Saw oloni's name and already knew what topic her tweet was going to be about. One minute she is riding the black men are thrash train, next minute she SJW. This ain't news flash anyway. Not something we didn't know before.