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  1. Work & Life

  2. 2017/18 Cold Winter

    fair enough
  3. 2017/18 Cold Winter

    Sheesh We effortlessly fill these kind of topics with content. Would be interesting to see how many pages a positive thread for YBs could make.
  4. Marvel Super Heroes

    That looks hard. Cinema tings for sure
  5. The Video Thread part 2

    Good watch. Its really sad man
  6. NFTR - Not For The Radio (Interviews)

    So spot on and all
  7. The Video Thread part 2

    WTF is this? Rap game is too Sus The beat rings though
  8. The Music Video Thread

    Apart from Ray Blk they all sound the same. These mellow shoreditchy light skin millenial hipster music
  9. Harvey Weinstein

    I dont think anyone is not holding this daemon accountable. The fact that this guy is a well KNOWN predator in that industry and many people decided to keep quiet regardless of the consequences doesn't sit well with many. Alot celeb were also happy to hit the mute button as long as it benefited them financially. Don't use another whistle blowers tune to air your own dirty laundry. About #metoo kmt.
  10. Harvey Weinstein

    http://www.worldstarhiphop.com/videos/video.php?v=wshhigA40YYXT4KK247i From time.

    Cambodia and indonesia are both in rainy season them times apperently. Going with my girl, I aint watching no trannys.
  12. Instagram

    stay woke , #SELFLOVE. Top cringe tags on SM right now lol @ PLS.... perfect description

    Need recommendation on Thailand, possibly phuket. I want to book my xmas break away today. Best Beach? The pics I am seeing on trip advisor aint doing it justice in comparison to the stock pro photos. I need white sand and clean water. Things to do? Must see Hotel recommendations
  14. Driving Offences Thread

    Yeah like they really follow that religiously. Stupid Idiot. Even says in the article that its a guideline