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  1. Me? I am not about that word bruh In other news denise lewis was lookin piff. Dunno who the other ting below is.
  2. Lets keep it100, most of the peeps that moan about immigration are often on about the COLOURED lot. The funniest thing is those outside the EU are under the tightest immigration restriction you could ever imagine. The hoops these man need to go through to get a visa alone, those from the EU currently here, would be thankful not be in their shoes.
  3. Phil mitchell was having none of it. 'I'll finish it off wit ya' Why is it always arms at the Royal Ascot?
  4. mbappe ain't starting at Madrid. He might as well just stay for another season. wenger should go all out for lemar instead
  5. LOL how old is he? (making references to new jack swing.. Yeah Interview was poor. These man aint trained, so boy....
  6. My Summer joint. IDGAF 2 billion view though!! Hear this song every time. The remix > __ Got me like
  7. Weather is bless. I have been on the field most of this week. Some real stunning places across the country side, Kent & midlands.Took my drone with me and all. yesterday was mad though. I attended this event at Thorpe park, it was hosted in a tent. it was like Sauna in there. All the tech devices where shuting down due to the heat
  8. What is this? Kmt
  9. Pmsl It's spin-it-as-you-like-it-season Here is another one he predicted am got right. NOT
  10. Used to be one of my favorite songs. The beat still sounds fresh in the box. Prodigy was gliding on this. Directors don't even fuck with colors and transitions like this anymore. Some golden Era in rap. No hooks..Straight raw spit
  11. Sad news man R.I.P Legend. peeps of sub saharan African origin, do check your blood cell group man. it's mad important.
  12. unless they paid some hefty clearance fee. I hear the song on radio at least 5 times an hour. There is a jingle for it as well. The plugger is on the money.
  13. ..... privilege