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  1. The Video Thread part 2

    https://twitter.com/saidjama5/status/898626824594272257 rah
  2. d*ck Gregory (R.I.P)

    US comedian and civil rights activist d*ck Gregory has died at the age of 84, his family has announced. Gregory died at hospital in Washington DC after being admitted with an undisclosed illness. The family shared the news of their "enormous sadness" in a post on social media on Saturday. From the 1960s Gregory mocked racism in his stand-up routines. He was among the first US black comedian to perform regularly in front of white audiences. "It is with enormous sadness that the Gregory family confirms that their father, comedic legend and civil rights activist Mr d*ck Gregory departed this earth tonight in Washington, DC," his son, Christian, wrote on Instagram. He added that the family "appreciates the outpouring of support and love" but requested that their privacy be respected "during this very difficult time". US civil rights activist Jesse Jackson paid tribute to Gregory on Twitter: Some of my favourite interviews from breakfast club
  3. The Video Thread part 2

    Its curtains for man. Shes exercised her premium victim card nicely and earned some golden nectar points while she was at it. It was bait that this was the angle she was going to run with to protect her own brand and rightly so. Alot of females envy Nikita. Terrol could have spun the situation for his own gain. It always pays to play the simp victim that got stung when you are in the limelight in a relationship like this. All that "No Job" bollocks he was running with was corny. lol @ that video though, Almost every setence was chopped and pieced together.
  4. President Donald Trump Thread

    You dont have to be pro left to disagree with trump.
  5. Bruce Forsyth

  6. The Video Thread part 2

    Rah that looks mad. The conparison is uncalled for though. Its not a numbers game bruh
  7. Terror Attack in Barcelona

    Yeah, There was one in charlottesville just a few days ago too. Mad.
  8. Week 01 - 17/18 Premier League

    Kai.. -0 RESPECT.
  9. The Video Thread part 2

    lol where has the bass gone?
  10. Hot Summer: 2017 Transfer window edition

    Gabriel Paulista > Valencia £10m need to release some more dead wood.
  11. President Donald Trump Thread

    The problem is not condeming both sides. The fact that he hasn't even addressed or consoled the victims says alot. Saying both sides are to blame, only fuels the likes of lee rigby's murderers or the westminster attacker who blame foreign policy for their actions. I am all for far right having their right to protest. But anyone who sides with KKK or any neo nazi movement are absolute scum imo.
  12. The Video Thread part 2

    Rah that Christopher is a nutcase. Guy is on stuff. He will defo go on a spree pretty soon.
  13. The Video Thread part 2

    Dude sounded Asian. Them man gas the most.