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  1. Did you ever think. - Timeless. one of the best HH/RNB visuals. (Everything Location, Lens used etc) Poke & tone did bits with that beat.
  2. EXCLUSIVE: Stockbrokers strike back! Bling-loving pastor cousin of Star Wars actor John Boyega in intergalactic row with posh neighbours over all-night parties at his £2.5m Surrey mansion https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6581571/Pastor-cousin-Star-Wars-actor-John-Boyega-row-neighbours-parties-2-5m-Surrey-home.html#article-6581571 Salty headline
  3. SB >______ Interviews is always comedy goal
  4. And there you have it. Selective Faux outrage ambassador. You never had anything concrete to add Mug
  5. I didn't hear you keeping this energy when we were discussing drill & crime. Now you out here reving up the ting in sports mode. Beg you just revert to Eco mode and keep it moving.
  6. You can condemn the man, but you can't knock good Art based on someone's personal life. His music doesn't suddenly become crap or unplayable because of what he did. If you want to stop playing his music based on your principles, Cool. But, you can't knock anyone for not doing so.
  7. It's all whatabouttery with people these days and not looking at things case by case.
  8. I don't buy the cancelling his music and all. Good music is good music. But, I wouldn't be saying that if he assaulted someone closer to home .
  9. Is this Sexual Harrasment?. Bbc1 22:50pm on now. Some social- experiment doc
  10. That cancelling music is some joke ting. It won't last
  11. She can't lose tomorrow to Corbyn. Not sure why he put in a VONC when he knows he will lose. Same with today's vote. She knew she will lose too. The EU are laughing right now
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