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    Sent Ashley Cole for a hotdog
  2. A complete list of plants

    He owns Thrds
  3. A complete list of plants

  4. A complete list of plants

    I was with him when he got that tracksuit from Westfield in the sale
  5. A complete list of plants

    Looooooooool RAH. This is my brother. Proper weird seeing his pic up there.
  6. A complete list of plants

    Fam. Ain’t no one linking no one from Barking. Guys prob from High Wycombe
  7. Winter Transfer Window

    Feo just gonna spend the next 4 years chasing Rooney diags and gambling off Cenk Tosun flick one.
  8. Fam. I flick it on just to see if he’s on. Talks so well about football
  9. 2017/18 Cold Winter

    Life is so mad boy
  10. R.I.P Cyrille Regis

    How did he pass? RIP
  11. Racism In Football

    https://www.google.co.uk/amp/www.bbc.co.uk/sport/amp/football/42678100 JayRod investigates for racism
  12. What league is better then PL

    That’s why I enjoy watching things like MNF where they analyse the tactical side of things
  13. Ginuwine accused of Transphobia

    Elgin’s face sums up my feelings perfectly. Shoulda box up the ting for grabbing him like that