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  1. Kompressor

    Avoid having babies in Cheshire!

    Which is the problem. Imagine she's found not guilty and there is no case to answer. Her name a d face is out there on this for good.
  2. Kompressor

    Avoid having babies in Cheshire!

    I hope she's actually guilty. If not and they have just shown her picture and name in the national press...
  3. Kompressor

    Champions League Final 2018 Real Madrid v Liverpool

    If it's true the physio should be struck off. However; as we know, in the world of football head injuries are a minor.
  4. Kompressor

    Mike Kane EXPOSED !!!

    Exactly ^^^ "It's a half hearted sexual assault as opposed to full blown buggery" Don't know what's wrong with some people.
  5. Kompressor

    Raheem Sterling

    He was pretty measured. However good on him for talking his mind on it when some others would no doubt swerve it.
  6. Kompressor

    Raheem Sterling

    Lennox called it right years back about Frank tbh.
  7. Kompressor

    Champions League Final 2018 Real Madrid v Liverpool

    Hero. Absolute Hero. Egypt had to suffer for the greater good.
  8. Kompressor

    Champions League Final 2018 Real Madrid v Liverpool

    He'll have a good night regardless. As long as the rest of the stags aren't d*cks. Even then it's hard to not enjoy yourself if you have decent things planned. If they lose however there is less chance of the stags witnessing the attempted murder of a Bulgarian waiter
  9. Kompressor

    Champions League Final 2018 Real Madrid v Liverpool

    You would be surprised or wouldn't. Shit FA Cup final result and that lot in the final. Ended really really bad last time.
  10. Kompressor

    2017/18 Hot Summer

    How did they come up with the widely reported 20 years old thing. Who gave it to them? Or did one reporter/offficer just make a guess and they all have run with it? Why no correction when I think it was the Sun have reported his real age? Family members and friends have been quoted. Surely anyone of them could've provided clarification if need be. It may well just be a small innocent mistake; I just find it hard to understand/strange how near enough 4 days after the event the wrong age is still be widely reported.
  11. Kompressor

    2017/18 Hot Summer

    Didn't say anything about keeping the black man down Not even sure how you came to that line from anything that was said. My point was quite clear. (Whether it be right or wrong) It's about the youth crime narrative. When you label a man in his 30's as being 20. Despite having spoken to his Aunt and at least one paper printing the correct age. I think it's odd that it is still being put out there that he is 20. Easy to rectify and edit the story no? At very least; stop repeating the falsehood.
  12. Kompressor

    2017/18 Hot Summer

    Makes no huge difference to me personally. (It's been corrected in a number of places now but either way) I definitely believe it makes a difference to a lot of people and to the narrative especially right now. In the same way it would if the victim's profession was listed as a musician or a mechanic.
  13. Kompressor

    2017/18 Hot Summer

    Now I know for a fact that the victim in this case isn't 20. Now surely clarification on this could've been got pretty easily. Is it just an innocent mistake they claim he's 20 and have knocked at least 10 years off is age or is this to make it easier to add to the narrative of the youth crime thing?
  14. Kompressor

    One woman is 93, the other is 43.

    Well; with any luck it'll all take its toll in the most ultimate way and we won't be haunted by her haggered figure for much longer.
  15. Kompressor

    Sporting Lisbon fans move to their own players

    I don't understand your point. I admire how fans on the continent take a hands on appraoch to matters concerning their clubs. Where did i allude to footballers being anything less than Human?