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  1. Aziz Ansari accused of sexual misconduct

    This the accuser or the journalist who led with the story? Not even sure why I'm asking tbh, whole thing is only worth a swerve.
  2. 2017/18 Cold Winter

    He's apparently the girl's father. Fucked situation either way tbh
  3. MMA Megathread - UFC / Strikeforce / Bellator

    Hope Conor rinses them all for everything he can.
  4. MMA Megathread - UFC / Strikeforce / Bellator

    Fuck Dana. He's trying to keep this money match for the future whilst Conor's laughing and waitinf for a better contact offer All whilst he has wholehearted martial artists like DJ and Woodley performing excellently who will fight for nothing like those guys in the past. However only the sqeeky wheel gets the grease.... Flawless champions being undervalued whilst rhis inactive champion holding up 2 divisions gets a bly. All while Dana talks up the virtues of Trump. No coincidence.
  5. MMA Megathread - UFC / Strikeforce / Bellator

    Mcgregor fucked it. Dana srarted only fucking with him and Ronda. He's made a fortune and Ronda got run out the octagon and gone to WWE. No current champs were pushed properly plus a load of former favourites are finishing up. Financially though they made a killing. This year is crucial for the future.
  6. Racism In Football

    Something thay comes to mind here is Arnold (i can't remember his surname) Was in Kidulthood and those movies there) He was talking about his time starring in Grange Hill which was filmed in Liverpool. He said he got on well with everyone and was well liked on set etc. After filming the crew and actors wouod go out and socialise doing whatever. It wasn't his scene so he'd pass on most occasions, fair enough. After a while he realised that the other guys were getting additional jobs and gigs, adverts, club appearnces etc. He didn't put it down to racism or anything like that it's just a case of moving in certain circles and befriending the right people. (His view) I'd agree with him tbh The positive discrimination is a good step as it may motivate more to go down the coaching role as they at least now have a real opportunity at an interview at a substantial level. Ultimately the issues is in the board rooms and the demographics that make them up. Moyes and the other familiar candidates all get the bring ins because they are personally known by the people in power. We saw the reaction when Nigel Adkins was sacked by Southampton and Pochettino brought in. Same when Ranieri replaced Pearson. Its a boys club that is hard to get into, they back each other up and pick each pther when they fall. Even in unsuccesful job applications these managers may now get the chance to make links and start moving in circles to get themsleves and theur work noticed by those who hand out jobs to the selcet few at the moment.
  7. 2017/18 Cold Winter

    Pretty sure the last one is the actress who is playing a role. The BBC thing with the guy from Star wars. The actual girl in that case wasn't light-skinned.
  8. Eboue

    Interesting debate re: kids in Academies on BT Sport i saw earlier ^^ Underlines what happens to kids when they are raised in the football bubble with no real life education support or guidance. Imagine winning the lottery. You're gonna go crazy with the money a touch. If you won it twice you'd double up. Imagine winning that every week. Again with no real financial guidance and being a little bit simple as Eboue always appeared. I don't underatand how Eboue Could've lost it all. However the clues are there. Trusting the wrong people, no real financial education amd a prick of a judge who has fucked him over.
  9. Is Stormzy a Industry Plant?

    Could well be. All publicity is good publicity and all that.... It all flies over my head anyway really.
  10. Is Stormzy a Industry Plant?

    They aim at Stormzy as he is a household name. Nothing more nothing less. He's someone they can demonize and it nean something because he is in the bedrooms and living roons of middle England. Corrupting white kids in tbe country. Making Enoch Powell's "prophecy" a reality in the eyes of some. The Mail would love nothing more than a long back and forth. As all it'd do is gain them more traction. It won't take away from their readership as their fans are their fans and will be so regardless, same for Stormzy.
  11. He has the benefit of the 2 prior having short reigns. He's been harping on about money recently. Give him the money to shut him up then hang him with it when the time comes. City being ahead is fair as they are mich better. The football is shit and there are no signs of improvement...
  12. The Chicken Connoisseur

    Wasn't this just a spur of the moment one off video for Christmas? Think the "he's fallen off" type comments are a little premature. Disclaimer: He may well have fallen off, but this video isn't the one to be judging that. Maybe he made a mistake in releasing the video unedited. Sort of like a magician revealing how they do their tricks but the comments are a bir overboard no? It's not exactly a huge surprise that editing makes production much better anyway.
  13. Is Stormzy a Industry Plant?

    I remember a similar science beimg used when Forward riddim was out. LOL
  14. Eboue

    Difference here of course being that most jobs/professions don't whore kids around doing what they please with them for their own benefit only to happily discard of them when and where it suits them. In the process. Lavishing riddiculous amounts of money on Kids who are far too young in most cases to deal with the situations properly. I used to work with a kid (year 6 now) who lives in Trafford. Plays for Everton or Liverpool. Can't quite remember. Twice a week he gets taxied from the school gates to the training ground then back home again. Now the odds are he is playing non league or working a 9-5 by 21. However if he's lucky he will make a career in the game somewhere. Either way. He believes he's the next Messi. How much attention do you think he's paying towards school? What's the back up? He's in a fantasy land where the money is gonna be endless and he's made it already. The clubs have a duty of care to do their bit and educate from a certain age. Especially to those who haven't got a stable family background or decent education/intelligence. It isn't asking much, to run money management courses... There was an article recently where apparently United players were requesting club assistance to perform the most simple of tasks. They won't be alone in this completely dependent state.
  15. Eboue

    Fucking witch How could a judge sign over EVERYTHING to her. Houses, cars.... Everything apart from the contents of his wardrobe. Unless he was subjecting her to some sort of abuse similar to torture. I see no logical/moral reason.