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  1. Becky Adenuga

    That love must be strong. When i saw the headline with a picture I thought it was his Mum.
  2. MMA Megathread - UFC / Strikeforce / Bellator

    He worked himself into a shoot. I for sure think Dana was aware that Conor woukd show and create a buzz. Conor got carried away and took it a little too far. With that said; The Conor Khabib fight is now the biggest fight in the game. Dana has to keep acting like he's pissed for the NYSAC he's probably projecting for one of the biggest events ever. Get Brock and the winner of Stipe and Cormier on there as well and he's gone clear.
  3. Sugar tax: anti-obesity measure takes effect today.

    First the come for our sugar, next they ban our music. After that they'll be putting a restrictions on how many times a week we can eat meat or watch TV.
  4. Racism In Football

    His Dad was a rass too. God knows how all this flies at home. He said his Mum is aware of the things he says, can't be true. He has at least one sister too...
  5. Racism In Football

    Sad thing is as pointed out on there; most of the people cosigning him are white banter boy types. The way he goes after black women on a semi regular basis is strange though. Definite competitior in the self hate Olympics. He's not even trolling he's just dumb as fuck in labelling all black women.
  6. Cause and Solutions to Rise in Recent Violent Crime

    Oil is bad when the fire is already raging. I'd sooner find a way to prevent the fire in the first place. Oil on its own can't make fire.
  7. Cause and Solutions to Rise in Recent Violent Crime

    Interesting again. So what you're essentially saying is this goes much further/deeper than Drill. I agree. What else would you ban? Imagine a man dying of some illness/disease. The Nurse's big idea is to wipe away the sweat on the patients forehead before spending her time wisely by finding what is exactly wrong with him and looking to remedy that. Drill is the sweat, that aint gonna kill the man. The disease will if left untreated.
  8. Cause and Solutions to Rise in Recent Violent Crime

    Interesting point of view. And a sound arguement. The song is perverse. However Heads was deep involved in that shit before he was Making music and before Drill was a thing. Which again brings us back to the original point. Drill us the result of something not the reason. Those kids was lost from 14/15 years old long before they pucked up a mic or pen. The people shanking and shooting aren't doing so coz of Drill. If Drill wasn't around it would be something else getting the blame. It doesn't help and generally isn't positive but it isn't the reason.
  9. Cause and Solutions to Rise in Recent Violent Crime

    It's a start. One of the big issues we face is people within our communities being pretty apathetic to the issues and the role they can play in helping find solutions. This is a start, hopefully it can build to something meaningful.
  10. Cause and Solutions to Rise in Recent Violent Crime

    Hmm. Would've been better for them to just do nothing right? Maybe spend the day talking about these issues on the internet like they have all the answers, sneering at those who are actually willing to try to do something about the problems.
  11. Cause and Solutions to Rise in Recent Violent Crime

    Of course its an issue. It isn't the root though. The root (I.E. All the causes listed like absent parents, low self worth/esteem etc) is step 1. Drill is step 3 or 4. The violence/crime is step 2. These drill rappers are already "in the field" before the music. The real issue is whatever brought them to the field. The music is a result same as the violence. Not the cause. (Don't know if I'm explaining this clearly at all)
  12. Cause and Solutions to Rise in Recent Violent Crime

    These times people don't seem to keep in mind that the people making these videos/tunes are from these communities and are products of these environments, You can stop people seeing these guys on the internet, how's that going to help (youth x from Peckham) when these guys are 2 floors below them on the estate? The aim should be to target those guys making the tunes at 24 when they are 11/12 to ensure these types of tunes aren't made in the future due to a more positive outlook/perception of the world/environment they live in. Banning the Music is useless as the mindset and what feeds it is already there. Drill Music doesn't fuel gang violence/involvement. Gang violence/involvement fuels the Music.
  13. Cause and Solutions to Rise in Recent Violent Crime

    Interesting points/opinions. However history shows that reducing stop and search has a positive effect on violent crime rates. Maybe due to them being done in a more thought out way so time isn't wasted on stopping Jamal because he's running for a bus or standing outside a chicken shop talking to his friend.
  14. Cause and Solutions to Rise in Recent Violent Crime

    https://mobile.nytimes.com/2017/12/27/nyregion/new-york-city-crime-2017.html Scale back in arrests and stop and frisk among other things.... Seems like it's working, long may it continue. Rapes are up but that has been put down to more victims coming forward due to the #metoo movement.