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  1. Kompressor

    SMH @ Dizzee Rascal Now

    I find it perverse that people constantly want to hear about that incident and want him to talk about it. At this point if I was him I'd walk out of the interview at that point. It's totally representive of the voyeurism that leads to people filming a dying person on the street for YouTube views or twitter likes.
  2. Kompressor

    The Watch thread

    Imagine bad mouthing Casio like that. SMH
  3. Kompressor

    GRM Daily Rated Awards LIVE 2018

    This is all so odd.
  4. Kompressor

    Who had the best verse on pow

    Saw the question on the NFTR interview last night. DEE was right. Everyone did their job. Hard to pick a winner.
  5. Kompressor

    Best Foreign Prem Player of all time

    Anyone in who doesn't say Cantona is wrong. Quite simple really
  6. Kompressor

    Champions League Draw 2018

    Turin again. Shame that other lot couldn't have got that draw and deal with that shit. 😩
  7. Kompressor

    Kodi / TVMC / XMBC - TV, Movie & Sport Streaming

    so People, what's the best Sportsmaina replacement and how much is it for the year?
  8. Kompressor

    President Donald Trump Thread

    Huge one.
  9. Kompressor

    They did it again: Jamie Oliver's Jerk Rice

    Rustie was correct. He used the phrase to ride a wave. Fuck Turtle Bay too.
  10. Kompressor

    2017/18 Hot Summer

    The best way to do this would be to get those 1 hygiene rated death traps of our streets.
  11. Kompressor

    Kanye West - "Slavery is a choice."

    Kimmel was smart in the way and timing he asked the question. I would've preferred Kanye to be given an opportunity to waffle an answer out and then we could ridicule him fully tbh
  12. Kompressor

    afc Usmanov - " Take My Money "

    "Funny" thing is some Arsenal fans thought it was wise to taunt United with American flags when the Glazers turned up..... NFL money? 😂😂😂😂😂😃 That ain't in the script.
  13. Kompressor

    mufc Paul Pogba

    Imagine if he works to drive out Pogba and Martial and then leaves in September anyway. Some real trechourous shit.
  14. Kompressor

    mufc Paul Pogba

    He takes no responsibility for anything ever. Does he still live in a hotel? That night explain his miserable demeanour. As many have said. He should've used the world Cup as a springboard. Made POGBA captain and started phasing out Valencia. Alas; No, he takes an opportunity to have a dig when he could've bigged him up massively and done bits to repair the relationship.
  15. Kompressor

    mufc Paul Pogba

    Gone by October hopefully.. Then at least there is time to rescue the cup campaigns and ensure there's a Challenge for the top 4