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  1. 2017/18 Cold Winter

    Must be. My Dad is pushing 60 next birthday and looks in better shape. That GABOS lifestyle aint for me ator.
  2. 2017/18 Cold Winter

    That's a tough faced 27 year old.
  3. Logan Sama kicked from BBC

    Issue those guys had was apart from target. Back on Rinse nobody was really "presenting" a show in that "professional" way. It's no surprise that both Target and Logan got scouted. Can't even think about what Scholar sounds like. Bossman maybe had a shout but didn't really hear him too tough after essentials.
  4. President Donald Trump Thread

    If only this game they all play was about the good of the people as opposed to egotistical pricks playing dress up. They would've given people a real choice. Come like someones mum offering them the choice of spaghetti Bolognese or pasta and tuna for Lunch. Then claiming they had the choice of what to eat.
  5. Logan Sama kicked from BBC

    Charlie Sloth; I've never got that whole thing tbh. Never really like Westwood at all either tbh till pretty recently. Even now, his name on a flyer means nothing to me.
  6. Logan Sama kicked from BBC

    List of names who should be in line to get the job anyone?? I agree with what Marcus said about a youthful choice good point imo. However also think someone should be put in to the position who would look after some of the young talent. Wouldn't mind a Lordie and Big Narstie duo. I'm hearing Narstie got a lot of ratings after being on gogglebox the other week.
  7. President Donald Trump Thread

    Now i know some of his sycophants (The people who believe for some reason that this egotistical billionaire speaks for the common man) will believe whatever he says and does regardless of the facts of the matter; but surely that isn't a big enough motivation for him to post such a clear falsehood for the world to see. Him siding with Police using deadly force when not necessary is one thing, The Charelstown thing is another thing, both can be open to points of view. I just don't get what he gains from lying.
  8. President Donald Trump Thread

    Is what he has said accurate? Did the show have to close due to poor ticket sales.
  9. Which albums u reckon u kno off by heart

    Was waiting for someone to mention Ms Hill. Probably my favourite album. No weak link.
  10. President Donald Trump Thread

    He's gotta keep those supporters. By changing his ways he'll lose the hicks and his detractors aren't likely to have a change of heart so he'd be left with nobody. Sad thing is right now I'd have money on him winning the next election too.
  11. President Donald Trump Thread

    All he has to do is get some people in uniform standing behind him in his next address and say he supports the military and that'll apease a load of people. Words and platitudes speak louder than actions now. The John McCain thing was outrageous.
  12. President Donald Trump Thread

    Exactly Player power needs to be used for good here. They need to communicate and stick together. Same goes for football teams. Tevez was public enemy at City till they realised they needed him playing; then all was forgotten... Owners care about their profits. If the players make a "stand" here..so what if they don't get played. Fuck it. Live by your principles and enjoy your millions and respectable stance.
  13. MMA Megathread - UFC / Strikeforce / Bellator

    Flawless champion.
  14. General Election 2017

    She's an idiot.