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  1. Weakest reason not to go tbh. Just admit it was never really on the cards and done.
  2. Just like football. People in the venue is only a miniscule contribution to profitably. PPV is where the money is. To drop Jones would've impacted PPV buys hugely. Nunes vs Cyborg is huge for genuine fans. Casual fans could care less about it. That's what you get when you don't promote tittle fights properly and focus on one cash cow.
  3. Traces found but not a violation. I don't claim to really understand. Novitsky is going on the Rogan Podcast today to clear it up.
  4. That's the modern world. Surely my guys family are calling for a family meeting to work out the best way of ending this circus and them both going their seperate ways. Imagine he goes through with the wedding and then in a few years she files for divorce and takes half.
  5. Always good when chemotherapy is a success! Just a shame the body is filled with several cancers.
  6. The offer was bullshit and Hearn knew it. As Kellerman and Smith said; perception is AJ would happily fight low risk guys for 30 Mill as opposed to fighting a live challenger for 40/50. AJ is bullish now as he probably thinks Wilder is in decline and fighting/beating him after a possible Fury rematch would hold less weight. Especially after Hearn as spent the longest time telling everyone that Wilder is a pretender who nobody knows. A promoter should follow (hate to say it) Dana White's lead. He makes every fight seem like it can go either way to boost interest. Don King (again hate to say it) was the same. The public want the AJ Wilder match in spite of Hearn and Aj's teams movements. Either way I expect Whyte to beat Chisora and to get his rematch. That or Wilder will have to bend over and take a shitty deal.
  7. Most bullish he's been. Must fear Fury winning the rematch and having to negotiate with Warren. Plus he probably fancies his chances against Wilder more and wants the two really big pay days. Always surprises me how old Wilder is. Clock is ticking. If Fury beats him; there's no legs in the AJ wilder match. Especially as Hearn has been doing the opposite of bigging the fight up for the last few years. Saying nobody knows who wilder is and nobodies interested in him. Anti-promoting at its finest tbh
  8. Isn't this just posturing from a few snakes who think. We can get a better brexit deal than she's offering. However we don't actually want to be in a position to have to deliver it. So we do this to show intent whilst hoping we lose the no confidence thing.
  9. Kinder fixtures than this United? ? First time I've really seen Arsenal this season. Is it always that open and chaotic?
  10. Big up Beetlejuice. How he ain't dead yet is some sort of minor miracle
  11. One of the most important players in the squad. That is 1.Not a good thing. 2.Not his fault.
  12. Jasmine would've walked the original Apprentice format. Sugar seems to be wanting innovative business ideas to get behnd. Whilst she is capable I predict her ideas will be as dull as fuck. Good solid business, but really dull. This is like when that inventor guy Tom went up against that secretary type woman in the final. She'd definitely make you money but there's no flair to it and it's all gonna be really stiff.
  13. I think I get what you're getting at now. Fair enough
  14. I may have misunderstood your point. However; you realise the poppy is used to commemorate war dead right. Including those idians and Africans and Children sent to their death.... P.S. I Don't wear one as I don't like to be browbeaten into a position and the over politicisation of it makes my stomach turn. I also don't like the constant Grief junkyism where d*ckheads fall over themselves to show everyone else how much more they care about something. (Got people walking around with Poppies on Dog leads, on cars and Poppies the size of hubcaps and they allow these wronguns a vote) Smh
  15. ? Legend lol Even a fair amount of Liverpool fans have no time for him.
  16. I can speak from experience that a 4 day week had a positive impact on my productivity. I'd personally prefer a mid week break as opposed to long weekend though.
  17. The documentary is a "good watch" too
  18. The question doesn't seek to confirm care or acceptance. It's a build up question. Q. Does trump care about black people, A. No I don't think he does tbh. Q. Well how can you support him then A. Well... Some waffle, Q. Okay let's move on. Does trump care about anybody in society really. If not how can you lend him your support as president of the United States? Is how I picture a questioning about this going. Not sure why you think people asking that Is about seeking acceptance or care. It's just proving a point.
  19. Rummy's corner is one of my favourites.
  20. Has he actually the answered the question of whether Trump cares about black people yet?. He's terrible at articulating himself properly because in my opinion, he is either ; playing a game or having some sort of prolonged psychological episode. A part of me thinks he definitely see's what Trump is but thinks getting in bed it the devil can achieve some goals for the communities he's trying to help. Another part thinks he's an attention seeking narsisist who is not well. Then the final part is he has music to sell.
  21. Also he was correct and justified in his rancour. Very good performance too. Dissapointed Conod tapped again.
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