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  1. DRC


    Souness' head will be spinning 😂
  2. DRC

    Thai boys stranded in cave

    First 2 boys have made it out OK a few hours ahead of schedule
  3. DRC


    Maaaaaan Drake needs to pick a lane and stick to it. Talking bout settling into his role as a good guy.. Either drop a response or take the high road but all this chatty patty nonsense is getting tedious
  4. DRC

    Quarter Finals

    Thinking of dropping some money on it, Porchy ain't been wrong thus far 😂
  5. DRC

    Quarter Finals

    I'm baffed by that, thought they were gonna give it
  6. DRC

    Round of Last 16

  7. DRC

    Round of Last 16

    That's that
  8. DRC

    Round of Last 16

    Not for 2 years at least, last I remember was against Everton
  9. DRC

    African teams at World cup.

    African qualification is mad, literally cannot make one mistake or your campaign is finished Btw there are 9 slots come 2026
  10. DRC


    Coming with an MJ feature yeeeah better bang Surprised to see jay z too
  11. DRC

    Group Stage Round 2 (All Groups)

    Lol heads gone
  12. DRC

    Xxxtentacion dead?

    I know figures get inflated when an artist passes away but the number of streams he's getting ATM is nuts
  13. DRC

    Lord Sugar's racist tweet

    This the same guy who lambasted Corbyn about anti-Semitism yeah....yeah!?
  14. Comedy of errors