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  1. DRC

    Winter has arrived 18/19

    Couldn't find a hot summer thread... Unknown T caught a murder charge https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/newsbeat-49003957
  2. DRC

    Ravel Morrison Watch

  3. DRC

    Lampard or Gerrard

    Lampard ahead atm, real test starts now
  4. DRC

    Managerial Merry Go Round

    Fat Frank confirmed for Chelsea
  5. DRC

    mufc Marcus Rashford

    Thought it was 200k...either way he needs to repay that with 15-20 goals a season
  6. DRC

    hiphop Freddie Gibbs Thread

    New shit!
  7. DRC

    Ravel Morrison Watch

    Looks like Sheff Utd are taking a punt
  8. DRC

    Managerial Merry Go Round

    Forest have sacked Martin O'Neill
  9. DRC

    Mike Ashley - Newcastle United

    Mike Ashley is running that club into the ground, can't believe he let Rafa go
  10. DRC

    Ravel Morrison Watch

    Wonder what's next for him... Was interested to see how him and Leon Bailey link up for the reggae boyz but I don't think he made the cut for the Gold cup
  11. BT sport the new home of WWE from Jan 2020
  12. DRC

    Summer Transfers 2019

    Said the same thing to my boy, looking at signing pure yutes but no leaders
  13. DRC

    mufc Man Utd 2018/19

    Pogba says now might be a good time for a new challenge, de gea's contract is up in the air, Lukaku has his eye set on Serie A...pure chaos
  14. DRC

    Sky Sports / BT / Premier / Eleven Sports

    It will be. I'm just hoping they improve the interface/player as it's miles behind all the other offerings. Been terrible when they've shown tennis