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  1. Giggs - Wamp 2 Dem midnight

    Had no idea MIA was in her forties
  2. Bitcoin

    Close to breaking $300 now
  3. Bitcoin

    ^ Lol remember how it went from 20ish to 50 then slumped...big time.
  4. Bitcoin

    Just noticed and thanks to Carlos I got access to my old BTC-e account
  5. Black Mirror [Sunday 9pm C4]

    Coming Dec 29th
  6. Black Mirror [Sunday 9pm C4]

    Couple trailer vids have dropped recently, season 4 must be on the horizon
  7. The Last of Us II

    Only just got round to playing the 1st one, can't compliment it enough. Truly outstanding
  8. Official Anime / Manga Thread

    Batman ninja
  9. Bitcoin

    Anyone got tips on starting out? I been lurking in this thread and taking no action for too long
  10. Mad game, don't know how arsenal haven't scored yet
  11. Libyan Slave Trade

    ^ It isn't
  12. Streamlord

    Pos. Good looking out
  13. zimbabwe coup?

    Reminded me of the saga in Gambia, when the ex-president finally left he took a heap of money and luxury cars
  14. Didn't expect Zlatan back so soon