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    Managed to nab a preorder back in Sept. Don't think many places will be getting stock again until Dec 15th so doubt they'll be delivery before Cmas
  2. There was a group buy for the album that never saw the light of day, they reached the necessary 9k and leaked it. It's unfinished but still timeless
  3. Finally dropped an album, 10 years after this thread started 🤣
  4. Dunno if this is under drill or just uk hiphop but it slaps
  5. Anyone got issues with ontarget? Can login to the app but no video working
  6. Amazon stream is cleeean. Player is still shit though
  7. DRC

    Shenmue III

    My boy got his copy yesterday, swear he shed tears 😂
  8. DRC

    Shenmue III

    I know Gambino can't wait, to think this thread started in 2015 😂
  9. DRC

    D Double E

    The advert I didn't know I needed 🤣
  10. Balotelli was being abused by the fans, tried walking off the pitch but players from both sides convinced him to stay. Game was temporarily halted and a statement read to try and get the fans to behave then Balo comes back and scores this Also vid of him when he had enough
  11. New album dropped today - can't even get past the intro...too many bangers
  12. Fuck man! Just as a Boondocks return was confirmed too RIP
  13. Weird, I had it working yesterday evening and today gone again! Doesn't even load the channel listings now.
  14. They're all working at time of posting just let the rest of the mandem know if you redeem a code👍
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