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  1. DRC

    Theresa May

    Theresa gone, who's up next? mogg, bojo, leadsom either way the mess continues
  2. Jovic to Real Madrid 60mil
  3. This game is nuts, and there's still 30mins to go
  4. Lol madness what was their aim at the start of the season.. Potter favourite to take over
  5. Anyone see the pic of Tyra Banks the other day - like a fine wine!
  6. Herrera departure confirmed
  7. Has this show got the vip2 seal of approval? Might jump on it after GOT ends
  8. Lol been sacked quicktime
  9. DRC

    Welcome back

    I think heads are slowly trickling back but it's a bit of a ghost town atm
  10. If they don't make it I can't see him sticking around in the championship for another season..
  11. Ash deservedly dropped. Got a bad feeling bout this game, just hope I'm wrong
  12. Leeds flopped today, lost 2-1 to a 10man Wigan who have the worst away record in the league😂
  13. DRC

    Welcome back

    The two are incomparable, VIP is the last of a dying breed I just meant I found myself browsing Reddit alot in it's absence
  14. DRC

    Welcome back

    ^ lol I went to Reddit
  15. DRC

    Naby Keita

    Was always going to need time to adjust to the prem, he'll come good in due time
  16. We've been pooooooor recently, don't know how we won that West Ham game
  17. DRC

    Killing Eve

    Season 2 started in the US on Sunday, still no word on when it's dropping in the UK.. Season 3 also confirmed in advance
  18. DRC


    Played this whilst the forum was down, great game
  19. DRC

    Nipsey Hussle

    Such a fucking damn shame RIP
  20. El Loco has arranged a press conference for 5pm - sources saying he might quit
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