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  1. Beavis

    Ed Sheeran

    Eds music is cancer
  2. looks like a dusty tramp
  3. Beavis


    nines is one of the only people worth listening to at the minute.
  4. Was a nice punch tho still. The guy got what he deserved.
  5. Some p*ssy style fighting, how can all them men jump him and still do fuck all. lol at the first person view punch.
  6. Dude should be just put to death tbh waste of oxygen.
  7. Would have picked him up and dunked him into the fryer
  8. People actually pay those prices?
  9. Beavis

    New Ambient Music

    Some dark ambient style stuff I made recently. https://microgram.bandcamp.com/album/night-shift-2 Cheers.
  10. lol, back in my day the MC's were real.
  11. Imagine actually calling yourself a stormzy fan lol who are these people turning up at these events all excited to see stormzy? Complete lost souls, most of them probably have kids as well. I fucking hate the new generation.
  12. She sounds like a total c*nt. Just tell your wife you dont want to spend any more time with her. I dislike all of my girlfriends family i just avoid all the occasions where they get together.
  13. I never thought about it until I came to this site, always assumed it was just real hair straightened or something lol
  14. Beavis

    Black The Ripper

    Dont really rate him as a musician these days, don't rate anyone that just raps about weed constantly and I fucking love getting high. I bought his first weed e.p but that was enough its boring now. I find his smoking prank vids entertaining sometimes.
  15. Who the fuck listens to dappy an actually thinks "yeah this is good music, I like it" Absolute joke I fucking hate him.
  16. Just staying at home this year, traveled to my mums last year but it is too much hassle this time. Moving back up north next year so its all good.
  17. Makes me laugh seeing these dusty noobs blazin lol
  18. Who the f*ck actually listens to riff raff? f*cking evil music.

  19. Stormzy is so cringe, cant stand him.
  20. Beavis


    This is fucking hard, better than I expected original as fuck, the beats are outstanding. Will cop at some point if it gets released digitally.
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