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  1. Herrera wid a banger for di streetz
  2. Fellaini with the ball at his feet is shocking....should join big sam and thrive under that hoof football
  3. Getting the most joy out of that slide ball into fellaini...too bad he doesn't know what a half turn is
  4. Welbz needed to leave to fulfil his potential...staying would have ruined him, hopefully he gets his fair share of time upfront at arsenal and shows what he can do.....Kagawa as much as i like him as a player it just didn't happen for him here its better he left 2bh..im glad we got Falcao because our strikers aint scoring, RVP i dont think hes fit and Wazzas bin washed for a few seasons IMO....decent transfer window so far just unlucky with injuries and changing managers/systems and all d mess that comes with it...not gonna start making honest judgements until Xmas period...would be happy if we managed to sneak in a commanding CB though
  5. Van Gaals preferred formation has always been 4-3-3 so maybe thats why he wants di maria...only problem then is that RVP as the main striker in that formation is way better then 3Hunna..but unless Wayne plays on the flank (which i'd prefer januzaj) then theres no place for him in the team and I cant really see Wayne being dropped
  6. All these so called certi chiraq geezas exposin these chraq rappers i dont believe dem...if you were so serious you wouldnt have time to be exposin niggas on the internet seems very nerdish to me..i jus enjoy the music what goes on in chicago ill never really know 2bh unless it comes directly from the horses mouth
  7. That shootout was TENSE.....o how i wish i could cry tears of joy for england to win a penalty shootout
  8. Sneijder & Kuyt deadin bare moves there side with overhit crosses
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