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    you dont want to know, really
  1. can someone hook me up with single link download for the wire season 5 eps 1 and 2 ?just finished watching season 4 and realised i aint got season 5 on my hard drive thx
  2. hiive been loonking for undergound albums on the internetso far ive been going on warez.bb, taking mixtapes from many websites successfullybut i cant find a website or torrents to dl albums from "all natural" ?do u have any suggestions ?thx
  3. hiim going to washington tomorrow morning and i was wondering what was best for money there 1 withdrawing money there and at my bank's exchange rate ?2 withdrawing money here and changing it there (would i get better exchange rates at some bureau de change there?)thxps : oh yeah, and i'm french so i'm carrying euros
  4. whats a fat burner ?the killer is that im not even fat, im quite slender but its just that i have fat over my abs and i hate it, i dont think its much, but it is pissing me off, like when i sit and i lean a bit forward i can see it... if you see what i mean
  5. ive been trying to get rid of the layer of fat covering my abs for the past 2 months, i havent seen many changeshow do you lot do ?i run at least twice a week and i go to the gym 2-3 times a week
  6. anyone knows a good film that's a bit like the wire (i know the wire is a tv series but i'm just giving an example)
  7. ffs i just clocked that pulp fiction was 2h30 longsh*ti might go for lord of war then...any comedies ?
  8. for torrents get vuze
  9. im bored, i want to dl a film and watch itit can be anything, classic or film that's just come outcomedy or actioni was thinking of pulp fictionany better recommendations ?
  10. ive been working out for like 4 months nowi can see abs and pecs growing and shaping up but i still have some fat covering my belly and a bit on my pecs it's not much, but i'd like to know how to get rid of it i run after my workouts for about 15 min, but do you any other ideas on how i should run ? or shall i do something else ?(im eating properly, no junk food and fat sh*t)
  11. anyway it's too late, i wont be able to dl these quicklydoes anyone have a streaming website or a direct dl link for the latest 24, heroes or house episodes ? (you can pm me if you want)
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