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  1. I AM WAITING TO LET OUT SOME PISSbut no... a man is using the toilet, taking hours to piss. Standing there shaking it about to get every last droplet out.
  2. cola


    My friend called Black Bob (hes an albino), says that he loves ginger black girls. He made his girlfriend who is black, dye her hair ginger all over... including her lashes, eyebrows and pubic area. He said he likes it ginger.What weird fetishes do you have, or do any of your friends have?
  3. cola


    My friend Sally Clap from Hendon always goes out with no clothes under her coat she says it gives her a thrill, and she goes out braless. She flashed a wino on the street in Oxford street, and he licked his lips and she ended up getting pregnant by him. I see him on the street he doesnt know hes a father though.But have any of you ever flashed, or ever seen someone flash, or know someone who flashes.
  4. Can someone give me a lift, my farmhouse is out. Picofarads.
  5. Celine Dion is on. Shes a total MILF.
  6. You thought she wasnt special. Now you think shes hot. Well obviously before you thought she wasn't pretty, and every girl needs to feel pretty.
  7. cola


    My friend had an affair with her step dad. He was such a c*nt, but he had a nice beard.
  8. Santa is real. It is true.
  9. cola


    baby im hot just like an oven i need some lovingand babyyyyy i cant hold it much longerits getting stronger and stronger
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