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  1. King Poetic


    Cars only depreciate anyway, but I hope to get a good few years out of it. So you would not recommend it?
  2. King Poetic


    Is this a good deal? Price 8K Honda Civic, 2008 make 1 Owner 34K milage 1.4 litre engine Petrol 5 door 45mpg. The insurance band is group 4 Worth the price?
  3. King Poetic

    Some scenes from Occupy Melbourne

  4. King Poetic

    Daily Commute

    i walk to work B)
  5. King Poetic

    International Week October '11

    Tony Parker and Arsene Wenger at the French game (vs Bosnia)
  6. King Poetic

    Official Job Vacancies Thread

    try using your university careers website. some of those jobs posted may be exclusive to your university.
  7. King Poetic

    lfc The Official Liverpool FC Thread

    took it there...
  8. King Poetic

    Annoying Facebook Girl

  9. King Poetic

    Week 7 - Premier League 11/12 - NLD

    anyone with a psg-lyon streeam?
  10. 104 people reading this thread. Highest since the riots.North London>>>> :D
  11. King Poetic

    lfc The Official Liverpool FC Thread

    Bellamy would make a whole lot of sense. All of our goals have come through Suarez so far. I know its only 3 games, but lets see...
  12. King Poetic

    The Summer Transfer Thread

    I remember that thread :D
  13. King Poetic

    lfc The Official Liverpool FC Thread

    former liverpool player that was quoted a few pages back? yes please!
  14. King Poetic

    Week 2 - Premier League 11/12

    All over the radio its arsenal, arsenal, arsenal.The press are smelling blood right about now.Wenger is the new target after Benitez was...