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  1. safe ill be using that on my laptop at break times
  2. so are 95% of yours, grandad.the only ones that are readable are the halo 3 ones, but even them you ruin saying things like "BLAD IM DA BEST AT HALO BARE HEDSHOTS"you sound like a prick.your mother my dear boy your mother how is it you READ them to know this and state that 95% of them CANT BE READ do you actually THINK before you type you d*ckheadany d*ckhead on a hype once again i know the forum is kind of dead out but spare me the break down of how i talk like you actually talk the queens english its a forum not ya mothers boyfriends house
  3. true stories thats why you keep responding then when you get deaded ya move to messy
  4. you have been laughed at from page 5 fam your late
  5. you have as much prominense as gray foxyou will get broken down differently bout shut up on a forumya hear sendin so back yaselfif you dont earn over 25 k LOG OFFif both ya parents aint together LOG OFFif you aint studying or in employment LOG OFFif you dont know ya dad LOG OFFif ya step dad is someone that lives in south london LOG OFFif you now wish you never started this LOG OFFtruss me fam ill break you down in every conceivable way dont get rifled
  6. radio raheem is a d*ckheadtalkin bout earnings etc in a thread liek this i love it though it just amplifies that he aitn earning more than jsa allowance thing is this is a site where people know each other so from he talks like that he better hope he is in employment above 25 k and lives alone cos if i catch him stacking shelves ill make him swallow a jar of pickles nothing long
  7. topics like this is why male f*ck buddies get promoted for doing nothing
  8. hahahahahanever mind dinky old chap any net caffe owning sandal wearer
  9. LMFAOyes doctor catch feelingsdna testing is YOU
  10. just a pic fam we all have one in our avitar does this mean that people get a boner for the monorail cat?i was refering to the POW POW POW that switched to the SHE WOULD GET LOVE BATTERED, made me chuckle like you stared at it than thought nah this doesn't show the levels im thinking of for this girl, just an observationlmfaonah its cos it would make the page extend i was just feeling random im probably gonna change it to a next chick tomorrow just in a random mood but she would get it stillyour mighty observant would you like a face off template to move to her with on myspace?
  11. apoiuhgoaiuhgoiauhgoiuagapoighapofhgaroihaoiruhgaroighagohapghapoighapoisuhgaiohgoipashgman i love this guys humourlmfao
  12. what i mean is only of the last say 2 years have i been able to say to girls NAH I DONT WANT YOU NO MORE i used to ride it for time like when its done we aint linking no morebut then after say a few weeks or more they come back saying "lets try again" (doing a ting or relationship or whatever) and i wont lie bare times i go back (alterego i see you watching)what im bascially asking is do you go back KNOWING you dont actually want to and try and stop ya self but still end up going backand if you do WHY.my cousin does this and its got to the stage that he literally distributes himself to bare gyal and he dont want to but he is just so accustomed to it.ive actually been BADDED UP by some girls with sh*t such as"WHY ARE YOU BEING LONG FOR JUST COME LINK ME""ARE YOU COMIN OR NOT MAN f*ck SAKE"etcdiscuss
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