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  1. The Music Video Thread

    Suttin to do with new wavin show money or single deal .. so shocks went to wop him with an AR-15 at one of his shows but Feds caught them in the g ride.
  2. The Music Video Thread

    Baseman only sending for shockers coz he gotta sit down for 5 years lol
  3. Kenneka didn't just walk into that freezer

    Its hard to accept the media narrative on stories like these nowadays
  4. Learning To Code

    overlooked this post. GraphQL is something I wanted to check out soonish too, starting to see it pop up in jobs aswell.
  5. C Biz Back on Road

    Need more of that You Are
  6. Learning To Code

    I've been sleeping on Udemy. Stephen Grider's React/Redux Courses are the best I've ever seen for that on the internet, I've been wasting my time trynna piece together shit on the net
  7. Golovkin vs Alvarez - 16 Sept 17

    how you do spoiler tags, trynna post a stream link
  8. The Music Video Thread

    guilty pleasure lol
  9. Vegan Gang

    I'm trynna reduce my inflammation and an overactive immune response, can this help?
  10. Bitcoin

    China has put in so many rules and laws with cryptos over the years and the price has always had a lil temporary drop every single time. No biggie this time imo
  11. Learning To Code

    If you want to see a large well documented, clean and relatively straight forward API in payment processing, check out Stripe's one (www.stripe.com). Its probably the biggest engine of their success & alot of tech companies can learn from them especially as its supremely developer friendly.
  12. North Korea

    the new (old) boogie man lol
  13. Learning To Code

    Ah wish I knew before lol. I keep keep the majority of stuff I make on my PC unless I know I want this on github Not yet, I like to do stuff linearly. Will start real soon
  14. Learning To Code

    Just got to pattern Redux (nearly done) and I'll speed learn Mocha for testing & I've got everything most of the react jobs on indeed ask for. I've got quite a few mess around projects and stuff I done for myself and people, will change them up a bit before I throw them on github. Seeing the light at the end of the tunnel >>> / When I master it, im gonna do a learning site for react & redux as a side hustle. Most of the teaching stuff is monotone and boring, there is a gap in the market for enthusiastic and fun teaching styles
  15. Bitcoin

    my niggy made a 100k jus buying and selling to people on lbc mazza, I been lacking