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  1. Learning To Code

    Respect bro Ruby is proper nice to code in, not too many annoying rules and there's shortcut methods for everything. Makes me look at JavaScript in disgust sometimes lol
  2. Learning To Code

    Javascript mostly. learnt some C# and ruby along the way though
  3. A complete list of plants

    true still
  4. zimbabwe coup?

    doubt it, Really and truly he got pushed out for disrespecting the process of power in Africa imo. Trying to clear a lane for his young wife to rule who is younger than all the people in the next gen under Mugabe, very disrespectful if you look at it in cultural terms. Probably business as usual after this Another black man destroyed by the power of p*ssy
  5. Learning To Code

    Won a free place on some £8k bootcamp & a promised job contract for 12 months afterwards . Hardwork finally paying off. Gotta plot my next moves
  6. zimbabwe coup?

    Think they only just nationalised their diamond mines last year... them IMF "remove protectionist laws, sell off state assets and accept more western FDI" policies coming real soon lol. I swear this scenario is like a loop Last of a dying breed
  7. Logan Sama kicked from BBC

    there is a boatload of stuff tbf, its not like before times when it was on life support
  8. Logan Sama kicked from BBC

    he is a pussyhole. whats businessman like about not providing what was advertised? If your shook about crowds not turning up to the music you usually play then fuck off
  9. General Election 2017

    Boris Johnson is teflon
  10. Logan Sama kicked from BBC

    sloth is a faker, remember he came leicester uni one time and played a rock set because there was a lot of white people there, I knew from then he was a phoney
  11. Logan Sama kicked from BBC

    Twin B moving like this is Game of Thrones
  12. 2017/18 Cold Winter

  13. Panama Papers

    they killed the reporter who leaked the papers in a carbomb recently too. Didn't even make the news too tough
  14. The Music Video Thread

    talking bout the recent drillings that happened
  15. Revealed: mark duggan was not carrying a firearm

    why would anyone be ok with feds to shoot their mates? criminals & law abiding citizens alike