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  1. The Music Video Thread

    Funny cos when slim was on 1xtra he didn't sound nothing like them, he sounds like he is his own entity, but on tunes he starts channeling them mans energies Hopefully he clocks what he is subconciously doing and corrects it cos i think he is sick
  2. Learning To Code

    lol i cant wait to get in on all of that
  3. Learning To Code

    Sick, the Deloitte roles they had up for us last month were testing dev roles, not my thing though lol. Im hoping I can get somewhere I can use Node/React extensively as that$ the route what I wanna follow. Doing that at work will save me time. Same time I'm limited to applying to roles offered by the hiring partners but they have a decent selection so its likely I'l get to work in the area I wanted. Are you on day rates? Im hearing people on them 500 a day rates after 1.5-2 years experience in certain technologies
  4. Learning To Code

    Finished the course a few weeks ago, good stuff, if I had the sort of P laying around, I would pay for it lol. I breezed through the coding since I been doing it for a lil while but learning how to work in a team, pairs and learning all the software dev principles and TDD, CI etc. has been super useful, would have never learnt that on my own. Half my cohort got job offers already which is sick, they weren't gassing about how quick people snap up jobs afterwards( everyone apart from me and a few others have extensive corporate job history so maybe thats part of it) I've been sick the past month so missed out on this cycles job hires (which is minor since part of their promise is to pay me monthly until I get into work lol) but they start again the jobs hiring again next week. Got companies like Softwire, Deloitte, FT, Telegraph , Thoughtbout etc etc. hiring so hopefully I get my interview technique right & snap one up. Hows everything going for you guys?
  5. @CrepesAndCones

    When these things happen to people do they kick up a fuss whilst they are there or wait to go home before making a twitter thread lol, I would have told them to go back to the lab with that if they try put that down in front of me
  6. Are there actually ANY nice area's in East?

    Wierd how Newham has gotten worst throughout all the house price rices and gentrification attempts. I thought that was supposed to have the opposite effect
  7. The Music Video Thread

    been like that for a good cpl years still
  8. C Biz back on road pt. 2

  9. spac nation

    I never thought about it like that but thats exactly what it is
  10. spac nation

    It's just African church culture, its the same in east.
  11. C Biz back on road pt. 2

    that saul goodman advertosing
  12. Kanye West - "Slavery is a choice."

    if soulja boy said all this & told us he is an opioid addict who got liposuction like a bad bitch cos ppl were saying he was fat... nobody would be going out their way to intellectualise the stupid ramblings, we just call him a lost coon and keep it moving. It's like people cant accept this guy is saying foolishness right now.
  13. Kanye West - "Slavery is a choice."

    he should say the holocaust was a choice too since he feeling provocative
  14. C Biz back on road pt. 2

    nah same law team that buss his m case I think
  15. Maya Jama

    Mali's are far from timid lol Some black people just get onto them because they look different. Thats all it takes with us, there isn't a deeper reason