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  1. Made a killing with the 2share/ 3 share and other tomb farm forks on FTM.
  2. I remember there was a telegram group for the ICO days, is it still about? Hella good IDOs past and present atm. All the Defi, synthetics, aggregators and insurance protocol projects are mad interesting this time round, I've been nerding out on the scene since last year
  3. even though I want it, PR is not even top 10 priority for most voters, donot even think they are in the state to compaign for it atm
  4. Platinum50

    African Child

    Lol. Nah he is moist.. Acts passive aggressive like some oestrogen filled woman and starts off the interview saying he thinks he is an idiot because they have the comfort of security for this interview. Then walks off. The other guy composed himself wickedly & kept the show going.
  5. Bagged this & it caused some workplace envy too 😂. Recruiters & contractors I work with are saying I can start contracting with 1.5(if I am a chancer) to 2 years+ Portfolio + can answer senior front-end & JS interview questions. Is this true? feels bare close, literally one more year for me. One of my friends start doing that after 2 years exp. too I'm thinking rah, hella bands.. Hows it going for you guys?
  6. This is cold. Realer than most 1 vibes
  7. Hackney is the calmest it’s ever been for a years now tbh
  8. I think 2020 street artists will start getting confidence in themselves and start their own channels up as soon as possible. The linkup/grm circuit is useful but it defo aint the end all be all, some artists are racking up 100k-mill plays on spotify with no video on them platforms. That russ/sl thing is sad but if you are dumb, you are gonna be sharkfood in the music biz. Right now a lot of rappers are signed and I know the twang is telling them its a 6 figure deal and giving them a couple bags advance.
  9. Even me too tbh. Once a week. My barber charges 12. I just give him 15. Maybe I buy food or snacks too. Since I take out a scores at the atm, I just consider the whole ordeal 20 quid. If I could do away with Travel&Time costs & for him to come to me instead, I’d happily give him the 20 instead. The convienience of it is very appealing to me & for someone to come to you and trim you up, it’s deec imo. I still wish I lived near my barbers though lol
  10. Any of you guys used the trim it app? £10 off with this https://n8wr2.app.goo.gl/CUhp Black Mobile barber app with the barbershop in the van. Cost 22 a trim but the fact I can get a trim outside my work at lunch or outside my yard is very appealing. I absolutely hate wasting time so this works perfectly for me
  11. Big market for alternates to uni right now, esp if you can tie it in with apprenticeships and get the govt. funding too
  12. Keep at it g! Assessment for promotion at end of February so I'm just studying for that. Gonna try leave by 2020 so I can eat from this age of inflated developer wages.
  13. WFH (aint doing shit lol) gonna take my holidays as income in February.
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