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  1. Reminds me of when someone ran up behind some girl in my year and yanked her wig clean off and chucked it in the air. lol deep... I was 6 though, didn't really understand the concept of a hijab
  2. Made me bite onto my lip bar the other day and chipped my tooth AGAIN... But i can't let go. / I really want to vent and bitch but ill end up crying. I just need someone to talk to but then I don;t.
  3. Was in the school playground, thought it would be funny to whip off one girls hijab and run. It was attached with a safety pin. I received the wooden spoon that day LOL.
  4. Why do people feel the need to send a text, but not to text back?! I just don't understand.
  5. LOL David why do you always assume I'm talking about people I know? A lot of men cheat on pretty girls with ugly women... why? Because p*ssy don't have a face. Stop trying to challenge me all the time!! There are blogs, articles, films etc etc to show this is a common thing.
  6. yep, i shower probably 90% of the time after. my body has a routine, wake up, eat breakfast, sh*t, shower, out/get working on laptop. its been that way since secondary school, i started by forcing myself to go so i never had to sh*t at school, after a while it just started happening naturally. That's different though, you're having your morning shower. People are talking of showering every time they sh*t.. about 'ill have a sneaky shower' looooooooool
  7. Nah there isn't... I've seen this happen too many times. It doesn't matter if you got a model on your arm, a man will still cheat with a crutters ting.
  8. I thought any hole was a goal to you man
  9. I still don't understand how people are mentioning hands touching toilet bowls just because some may sit and wipe... Do you not understand the concept of leaning and raising? Also wetting the tissue and using soap? Or showering after every poop? GET OUT OF HERE PLEASE YOU LIARS. Facking stunters.
  10. It was written by an American... for some reason the water in their toilet bowls are so high / Didn't even know people stood up... Just asked my cousin and he said he stands lol
  11. Soca Junkie


    I really don't understand why it is legal to marry your 1st cousin in this country. You are still family by blood!! I can't imagine saying to people, yeah I married my aunts son wtf looooooool. But then again I grew up with my cousins so I see it differently. For Lauren and Joey, the attraction will be there because they only recently met.
  12. I still need to visit the hemp and hashish museum. 3 weeks to go
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