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  1. Cars symbolize im doing somethin RIGHT . and if they aint doin brown. they doin sumthin WHITE
  2. North Aleng


    usher feat yusef - Let it burn
  3. you betta put a hat on dat my g, no barbers r open 2day
  4. club fifty six, muswell hill 2nite, hotsteppa an crew drinks on me
  5. 103 is another classic!! jeezy>>>ross
  6. North Aleng


    jhuigyftucgv ijuohgyi oijphugb jihuobn when does dis land
  7. t minus 1hour drinking jacks till it lands just spoke 2 my brother, said man are eating that tasteless turkey up in Onley, i feel his pain but didnt care
  8. Rip Ironic his new tune aswell smh "Rip naaaaaa not me" Boi
  9. Gumtrees cool aslong as ur on point, I allways scope before I shot, tell a bruda wait outside kfc, den stand on the otherside of the road preein it My boi done a bird for lickin dwn suttin off der Went to go buy a ford puma bak in da day with my boi, turn up to the spot an my other don turns up wid his fucked up puma dat man knows its diein neday, we all laughed
  10. Circle of revenge is wat it is, its not realistic obv but niether r all dem action movies man watch, mandem wana watch shootouts an nappins, not some serious drama
  11. North Aleng


    only liked the just blaze drake an ross track!! "VILLA ON THE WATER WITH DA WONDERFUL VIEWS, ONLY FAT NIGGER IN THE SAUNA WID JEWS
  12. North Aleng

    Flashed 360

    So will ur guy flash my xbox to the newest ting? So I can play any copies game
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