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  1. Football Manager 2018

    Alexis won't sign a new deal and leaves on a free no matter what. He's worth £70M and no one will pay that much. Imagine.
  2. Logan Sama kicked from BBC

    Clearly you didn't watch the video. Cool. Let me break down something your ignorant self should be aware of since you keep mentioning the fact I'm "grown". And as a younger you should take heed. White people think a certain way about us, whether we like to admit it or not. So last week for example when I referred to my friend as a coon because Lil Uzi came on in the rave which was 90% white and he started jumping around like a f**king monkey bumping into people I will pull him to the side and tell him that is how he behaving and the look on their faces if he bothered to remember where he was says the same. That is what they think of you, and that is how you're acting. I'm not Uncle Ruckus, nor am I Steven from Django. If you're around me and behave how THEY think we behave I will tell you in such fashion. Now THAT girl made great points only to have her file pulled and exposed as a dumb black girl slating black men. Because if that's how black girls think about black men you've just proven their point. So I will emphasise your skin colour. This is the very last time I'm addressing you, because you're either a troll or dunce. I'll refrain from telling you which one I think you are.
  3. Roadman Shaq FITB [Charlie sloth fuckery]

    Changed my vantage point regarding this guy. I was looking more at the music industry as a whole with his chart success rather than his own success. He's done very well. / As for the divide in here, that sh*t needs to STOP.
  4. Logan Sama kicked from BBC

    Just watch.
  5. Logan Sama kicked from BBC

    Anyway back to Logan Sama. He shouldn't have said it in the public domain. Now most of you will say he shouldn't have said it AT ALL. Come on now. Everyone talks reckless in front of their friends in the comfort of their own environment. But to take it to a public domain or say it so and where other people can hear/see it is beyond stupid. You can't tell a man what he can and can't say, but you can and should control where you or he say it.
  6. Logan Sama kicked from BBC

    I will answer your question on the basis that I cannot stand when people don't directly answer my point. I do not disagree with most of the points made. Can you now answer my question in return. Is she qualified to make such a statement knowing she in some way is also guilty of such slander the other way around? This same said guy in here talking about black empowerment is the same one in the love life room cheating on "Black Queens". Don't choose when you want to be a panther. Man have short memories in here iyah. Know yourself.
  7. Logan Sama kicked from BBC

    Rarely do I agree with this guy however there's an element of truth here. The fact most of us in here have pretty much admitted we would delete our social media before taking on such job confirms this. Let's not be hypocrites.
  8. Logan Sama kicked from BBC

    Failed? At what? At least be original and talk sense and not shit. That girl wrote a dumb article ending on black men needing to do better when her TL is full of men are trash tweets and p*ssy begging coons like you are caping for her talking about Queens when 1. She thinks no better of you and 2. You probably spend most your time chasing white gyal.
  9. Logan Sama kicked from BBC

    Shut up you're one of the biggest fucking coons on this forum.
  10. Logan Sama kicked from BBC

    Now go on Twitter and search "DanielleDASH men are trash" and feel free to quote and RT all the hypocrisy. That article is now CANCELLED. Dumb black girl. SMH.
  11. What's 'black twitter'?

    He's KING of that crowd.
  12. Sleeping with your ex....

    I've never even slept with an ex when single let alone cheat. Proper scumbag you.
  13. The Mesut Ozil Thread

    Everton weekender was MAD. Can't wait for City away. (Not the match).
  14. Director of football?

    Hurry up Marc Overmars.
  15. Adriano

    Shot power 99. Disgusting player on Pro Evo.