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  1. Seth Rollins

    Football Manager 2019

    Gave in and bought it yesterday (hadn't even touched this season's). It's currently £12 on Steam til Tuesday.
  2. I thought the same as the fans when they started booing Mick Foley. How wrong was we all? The title and R Truth are the best thing about WWE right now.
  3. Seth Rollins

    If u make me mod il promote

  4. Seth Rollins

    90s/00s Nostalgia Thread

    I have this on vinyl.
  5. Seth Rollins

    He should have worn a mask

    Track is HARD fam how ya mean.
  6. Seth Rollins

    Summer Transfers 2019

    Arsenal should take Sturridge.
  7. Seth Rollins

    uk-rap Nines

    Rumours he's been stabbed. Any truth to this?
  8. Seth Rollins


    She violated you in one of the worst possible ways. It's worse when women do it too. And you let her back in. BETA BEHAVIOUR.
  9. Seth Rollins

    live Championship 2018/2019 Thread

    He needs to resign. JOKE MAN.
  10. WWE on some Wildcard nonsense (any 4 from Raw can appear on SDL and vice versa) every week. The ratings are mad low. NXT the best thing. Sooner they get Vince outta here the better.
  11. That will be fire. WWE is actually shit now.
  12. Seth Rollins

    Smacking Kids.

    Only just seen this. Sorry you're going through this. I have a few friends that have, including myself. Any update?
  13. Seth Rollins

    Relationships in modern day terms.

    Spot on. There's nothing out there. My boy met a nice ting in a bar he spent most the night talking to and drinking with. Went home and woke up the following morning in a group chat with her and her sister and they're both talking about sharing and does he have any friends. All that's out there are slags, and when you're ready to settle down there's even more slags. It gets more than boring. You eventually tire of that life. That is when life comes at you fast.