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  1. Seth Rollins

    FIFA 19

  2. Seth Rollins

    Is this John Doe ?

    "Think I'm dead but I'm out here, broad day"
  3. Seth Rollins

    Is this John Doe ?

  4. Seth Rollins

    Is this John Doe ?

    He's cheeky. That pic has had in tears for days.
  5. Seth Rollins

    Is this John Doe ?

    I cAn ChAnGe HiS wAyS tHo. Leave them Smaddy. His followers have gone up over 500. His job will be gone and with fraud on his record he won't get a decent job. The social media ting is his avenue now. He gotta embrace all the bullshit.
  6. Seth Rollins

    Is this John Doe ?

    Mike behave it was clearly sarcasm.
  7. Seth Rollins

    Is this John Doe ?

    Fraud on his record. No one is touching him, but he's laughing because his social media following made it all worth it. He's a bozo.
  8. Seth Rollins

    Is this John Doe ?

    King shit. Can't co-sign buying like though.
  9. Seth Rollins

    Niggas are never happy....

    Topic title with the N word in it I should slap the shit outta you my G.
  10. Seth Rollins

    BALLERS (TV show)

    Didn't like the ending. Still loving the show though. Episodes are too short man.
  11. Seth Rollins

    Killing Eve

    Just started this. 3 eps in. Enjoying it so far.
  12. Seth Rollins

    Pro Wrestling (WWE, NJPW, ROH, RevPro, Impact, WOS)

    No show get's watched in full, in fact, no match get's watched in full either. Super Show Down was absolutely awful. Nobody wanted to see Taker vs. HHH. All 4 looked WASHED.
  13. Seth Rollins

    MMA Megathread - UFC / Strikeforce / Bellator

    Conor got what he deserves. He shoulda got the shit beat out of him by The Money Team.
  14. Seth Rollins

    live Week 08 - 18/19 Premier League

    Bournemouth 4 points off top. Eddie Howe deserves praise. Top 4 how it is now is how it will stay IMO.
  15. Seth Rollins

    afc Arsenal 2018/19