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  1. Big man ting I turned 40 last year. My eldest is 18. He was just 1 years old when I was on this forum. Hope life is good for EVERYONE and doing positive things in life. Love people! Bless!
  2. Oh and Skemar owes me money KMT. Ducked out on a £100 bet. Someone tell him settle his rarse debts 🤣😂😂😂
  3. Checking in! It's been so long I cannot even remember the usernames of people I still regularly speak to from here. There are a few. Dave I see you bro! 😎 Big up Turk doing his ting and repping Arsenal. I'm turning 40 this year, my eldest will be 18 this year lmao time flies. If anyone can get hold of Mizchif for me that would be great. He's disappeared off the face of the earth! Got moved to, need a vest still makes me laugh to this day. 🤣
  4. February 2021 still 11th SMH
  5. Happy Emery is gone. Unhappy with how things have got and I feel the fans are responsible for a lot of this. Things were never this bad. We hounded out Wenger thinking things would get better and now after spending £300M+ we are 11th.
  6. I don't know what randomly made me come and check this site today. Maybe nostalgia? Maybe boredom? I still have it as a saved tab so always randomly think "rah what's going on with these man". A few of you have me on Twitter. That's where I am if anything. Truth is I'm touching 40 next year. My eldest just turned 17 and I have no business being on here! I was on here/RWD what, 17-18 years ago? Defo time for the next generation. I hope all the mandem (and Smaddy) are all bless, and living good during these testing times. I'm defo checking out guys. Look after yourselves. Goliath. 👋
  7. Happy new year guys how's everybody been?
  8. Nope. Social media (mainly Twitter) will have you thinking Labour has a chance. The rest of the country who don't give a fuck about retweets have voted Tory. It was never going to be close.
  9. Seth Rollins


    If true, he smashed it.
  10. I mean Dushane calling the police rather than killing him. Even Sully was vex.
  11. Twist at the end can't respect it from Dushane. Kano has acting on LOCK. Immense performing.
  12. Man the growth since this thread. If I speak. West Brom is a madness.
  13. FA23 pretty much posted what I would have replied. This fool is still carrying on with the snaps, antagonising people, refraining from leaving that life behind, mocking it because now he has money. I'd take my chances guessing he had knowledge of the kind of people he was around that night, therefore cannot be that surprised someone backed out a big weapon when it all got on top.
  14. The guy who died is my friend's cousin. Family is distraught. Currently a petition doing the rounds to have Gallery closed down on the basis security is lax and allowed weapons in the vicinity. Not for the first time either. Joint enterprise may also become a factor here. MoStacks DM'ing someone to delete the video was a bad move. Trying to keep my opinions to myself on this one tbh, but rolling to your show with a bunch of niggas is outdated and very stupid in 2019. F**king with his money. Again, his decision to take all them man with him. If his money is f**ked because of it more fool him. I'm also not accepting he had no knowledge of someone carrying a weapon, let alone THAT big. Think I'll leave it at that.
  15. Man Utd are in serious trouble.
  16. Everton bid £30M for Iwobi rejected. Arsenal apparently want £50M. Good. Don't sell for less. It's stupid hour now. Pay premium. Tired of man leaving our club for peanuts.
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