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  1. Taurus

    African Child

    Grown men ffs.
  2. The goal against Chelsea R.I.P
  3. Massive clear out needed at Arsenal so I hope the rumours are true.
  4. Taurus

    Recap Topic

    Been to Germany for a wedding and İstanbul for a week and a half. So glad Vip2 is back!
  5. Just watched the Whyte vs Chisora weigh in Chisora looks in good shape
  6. / But then you argue that you could make another child
  7. Links to full fight? Seems to be removed from everywhere
  8. Same, thought he was Morrocan
  9. Cant believe I'm 28 and will still be playing this
  10. Taurus


    Check out: Cascais Beach Guilty by Oliver - Restaurant & Bar Bairro Alto - Nice views and go to a fado bar (traditional Portuguese music) or you can listen to it in Alfama which is where fado originated from. Also try ginginha, its a liquor shot Docas de Lisboa - For clubbing, clubs there close around 7am Cristo Rei - Statue of Christ, its on the other side of the river These are some of the places I went, you probably wont have time to do all those things but research and go to wherever tickles your fancy. Also try Pasteis de Belem - Traditional custard tart kinda thing, it bangs Oh and watch out for them gypsies, dont interact with them too much
  11. Which goals better, the Wilshere goal or Ramseys?
  12. Wtf, please tell me this is fake
  13. Taurus

    MashTown LF

    One of my fave uk rappers
  14. Taurus


    Red rats verse>>>
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