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  1. manuel

    Academic Thread

    yes yes yes. Can't thank you enough! feels good to do it myself on the calculator and not get syntax error lifesaver.
  2. manuel

    Lana Del Ray

    not got around to listening to the album yet. dont really get the hype around her though. Like her music but she just blew out of nowhere. dont really get all the love.
  3. manuel

    Academic Thread

    That seems pretty legit. Thanks a lot mate. I worked out the actual measured reverb time and that came to 0.6 rounded so their both pretty close. any chance you could explain how you did it very briefly though? As in you've brought the 0.107 to the left and also what does ^ mean. Sorry, totally ignorant to maths. Been frying my brain for the last 5 hours. Thanks a lot man! Really appreciate it.
  4. manuel

    The Gym Topic

    Feels good to be back in the gym after 3 months off. Broke my wrist which really f*cked things up. Plaster came off and still hurt like sh*t. Healed up okay now though and been back to almost the same weights as I was lifting before. Onwards and upwards.
  5. manuel

    Academic Thread

    Not sure if you will be able to help or not with not knowing about room acoustics. But its basically an equation to do with the reverb time within a room and I need to use the below equation to calculate the optimum reverb time. I just can't get my head around the equation and what to do with it if that makes sense ha. V = Room volume. Which in my case is 156m cubed & n = 4. If you can shed any light whatsoever on how I'd substitute that in to the equation and work out an answer I'd be more than grateful. thanks in advance if anyone can offer any help.
  6. If your just doing cut/save then audacity is by far the best for free and ease of use. No virus. you may need to download a encoder to save as mp3 though. It'll prompt you to do that when you go to export and will link you to it.
  7. manuel

    Academic Thread

    Anyone any good at room acoustics/maths? Massively struggling with an assignment. The last time I done maths was for GCSE around 5-6 years ago. Pretty screwed
  8. Membership ran out 3 weeks ago and not renewed yet. Even when it was valid I only went around 6 times in the month. Man Uni devmotivates me to go. I miss the summer of 5-6 days a week
  9. manuel

    Academic Thread

    I've got no work to really be getting on with. Kind of worrying All my flatmates have loads. They best not pile it all on in one go. Wish I had something to be getting on with to be honest. Be glad to get this final year out of the way
  10. Whats up with idiots who feel the need to swing out in to your lane when turning left or right to go in to a corner as if they are driving a HGV? Noticed it happening a lot lately. There is just no need.
  11. manuel


    Anyone heard this? Really quite like it. It's not old KA but it's pretty good. Thought he had disappeared.
  12. So....One of these flashed me coming towards it the other day No lines on my side of the road only the side going away from the camera (the way it is meant to be). I was the only car on the road but I thought it is only the Truvelo ones that got you both ways? The one below: Am I awaiting a nice lovely fine?
  13. manuel

    The Gym Topic

    pushed myself too much on deadlifts 2 weeks ago. back been hurting ever since. Gym membership ran out 2 weeks ago then too. Not renewed as Im not sure when Im going back to uni. kind of annoying with all the effort I put in over the summer
  14. Although I can't really say much the first time I went to put the end of the joint you twist in my mouth thinking that's what end you smoke from I remember how we all planned it throughout the whole school day of where we were going to go to smoke it I just remember laughing and laughing and laughing and not knowing why I was laughing. Everything was so funny. I was laughing at my friends who were laughing at me which was making me laugh even more.
  15. Hate Chipmunk so much but I have to give it to him. That was good!
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