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  1. Ppl need to stop entertaining these women
  2. its done Ref with the William Hill stoppege
  3. MOBB DEEP - WIN OR LOSE >>>>___________________
  4. He is playing dier as CB ....smh. Lloris Toby-dier-jan Aurier-sissoko-winks-davies Son-dele-eriksen
  5. Looks like we're going 4-1-2-3 Winks left sissoko right. Unless he's gonna play 3-5-2 with dier as a cb which I ain't feeling..doubt that as Sanchez is on bench...I would of preferred that though with Sanchez there but let's see
  6. They admitted liability Payout incoming post medical ??
  7. https://twitter.com/AdamTheBlampied/status/923278045506605056 One don that worked at whatculture (wrestling side) Guys are slipping all over the gaff
  8. Mantis beats is actually from ends. Close with one of my boys and still around. Think he still.makes music and does video stuff ...The Mantis https://twitter.com/mantisbeats
  9. griminal or lil nasty bar. cat remmeber which one
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