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  1. Exactly. They ask for specific digits. This is asking for all of both of them. That's suspect.
  2. I know this topic gets made regularly but I'm currently f*cked. PC has some next virus. Everytime it starts up it says something about the BOT not initiating or something. Then just now I decided to check my Natwest account (which I rarely do) and got this page: Anyone with Natwest online banking knows that they don't ask for the whole pin or password. They warn you of that so often. So clearly my PC is infected. Someone please recommend something I can use to clear it. I remember someone way back saying something about Panda or something?
  3. He actually just shouted out Runway. Thank f*ck I switched to Valbonne. f*ck*ng hell.
  4. I went to Zoo Lates last year. Was sh*t. Guess what animals do at night. They f*ck*ng sleep! Bare sleepy animals, stupidly long queues for food and drink which were extortionate! And I buy drinks in the West End so when I say extortionate you know I mean it! Wouldn't go again.
  5. Have already done all the diet stuff you mentioned. That's how I got my bodyfat lower.I can see the top 2. Top 4 when I tense. My diet is OK but it can't do it alone so want to step up the ab work and exercises that help me cut (which I now know to be lifting heavy. Won't be stepping up the cardio as I have training twice a week which is enough (2-3 hours each) if I actually go to the second session which I haven't been.
  6. There are too many of those f*ck*ng myths! f*ck sake! OK, back to lifting heavy then! I'm actually pissed now coz I spent about 6 weeks lifting light.Just youtubed complexes. I won't lie... I shall not be doing this. Supersets though, that I will do. How many exercises should I be doing in a superset? I always thought it was around 2 or 3 for one muscle then rest e.g. shoulder press, side lateral raises and then maybe front raises. But just seen a video where a guy did those 3 then flat bench press, incline bench press and then flyes all in one go. Was f*ck*ng insane.While I would be willing to try it, I would never be able to get all those weights gather at my gym without someone theiving some and fair enough to them if I'm hogging like 5 sets of dumbbells.I see your point about being out of breath though and take that on board. Sounds good coz it will cut my time in the gym as well.
  7. Yeah on Friday. I didn't realise either. I blame ClubKing. Coz they put all their posters in the same ClubKing frames they all lookalike. So I never bother to actually check them to see what they say. Had been looking at the Keri Hilson ClubKing flyer on FB all week and didn't clock till Saturday.
  8. so ur not doing heavy compound lifts anymore and ur main concern is 6 pax....i am disappoint.I did warn that I was being vain.Yuri... Same weights same reps? I was bulking before though.
  9. I don't do heavy compound lifts. I was doing them for a few months then I injured my knee and my gym dedication has not recovered. Waiting for my exams to be over to get back to the gym properly (end of this week).In terms of lifting while cutting... What am I aiming for? Low weight, lots of reps right?
  10. A Bit Better


    I have got my bodyfat down and frankly, I want a 6 pac. I get some core strength from american football but not enough obviously. I need a decent ab workout. I don't know how often, how many exercises or which exercises I need to be doing to get one. Currently I'm not devoting enough time to it.If you give me a 20 minute workout to do 3 times a week, I will do it. If you say it requires doing abs for like 45 minutes twice a week then I may have to rethink as I have training but I just want to know from someone that has one. The people that I know that have one were either born with insanely low bodyfat and have never done situps or are being oddly coy about it and won't give me a straight answer.Yes I know that as far as the gym goes a 6 pack is a vain, superficial aim but I don't care. I want one. Help me. Thanks.
  11. Who is Sideshow Broose?
  12. Guy in the pic works at Runway. And yes he is gay.
  13. Anyone who's coming to my ting needs to let me know by phone or BBM. My barber rebroadcast my broadcast and I have no idea what kinda people he knows but this ting is in Mayfair so anyone that the door girl doesn't like the look of that can't get me to vouch for them, will not be getting in.
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