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  1. Every time the mrs mentions anything clingfilm related i still say 'sling the cling on da ting', she laughs but has no idea what im talking about
  2. I think discord would be a decent set up for this forum actually
  3. I joined that group and it suddenly just died. Anyone get eat off GME?
  4. The slow speed was a killer for me but seems to be moving ok today so I'll be in and out when I get a spare minute.
  5. time_bomb


    Anyone manage to secure one?
  6. time_bomb


    Anyone manage to secure one?
  7. I was never a 'Wenger out' person anyway but things were getting a bit stale. I'll give Arteta the benefit of the doubt for now.
  8. We not bringing this back this season lads?
  9. Na the end came when it went down for a while and when it came back it was so slow it was unusable
  10. Any links for a cracked version of the latest office or whatever they're calling it these days?
  11. Is it gonna be on sky atlantic?
  12. Was until I jumped back on GTA for the casino update I'll probably go back when the role play update comes out
  13. Larouci Algeria's next star / Algeria won AFCON btw
  14. Yea deff At the moment just getting my pees up and buying guns
  15. Deff feel the most stable and comfortable I've ever felt in my life.
  16. Online coming out this week Currently at 91% in story mode
  17. Phones4u closed 4 years ago? Time has flown! / Woolworths in Angel was an integral part of my childhood. Remember buying my first ever music from Our Price on Upper Street.
  18. Ran up on klu klux klan last night
  19. He's reckless. She sounds like a d*ckhead though.
  20. No word of a lie i spent a good 8 hours straight on this today, game is mental
  21. Just got home and mine is here ayyyyyy
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