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  1. Insurance does cover it without affecting your no claims but there was an excess of £90 to pay
  2. that shovel was picking up speed / bianca lawson is so nice
  3. Yea! Twice in 2 weeks can you fucking imagine Was in different places so cant even be someone targeting me, fucking tramps
  4. some fucking nitty has broken my car window for pennies smh
  5. So are you lot learning this then applying for jobs or learning it to get a qualification to go into a job?
  6. How do you go about learning that stuff?
  7. imagine this guy put this much energy into something useful
  8. time_bomb

    Break ups

    Picturing JD listening to drake with a tear in his eye
  9. Does look weird. Looks as though its some 'social media experiment'
  10. Yea its a good look, a smart articulate guy, good example for the youth
  11. they been listening to too much stormzy
  12. time_bomb


    enjoying this season, best since season one imo
  13. My entire hockey kit got stolen from my car beyond fuming
  14. Can play for france, cameroon or algeria. No doubt he'll choose france
  15. Im not a big music listener and cant say ive listened to half of them but i did listen to kanos album and liked it, gets my vote.
  16. lol documentary on violent muslim immigrants in sweden, by none other than a israeli jew. Definitely a reliable source there.
  17. time_bomb

    Rating Chicks

    her ass looks stupid watch the vid where shes lifting the tyre fake for sure
  18. Personally breast over ass for me. Face and hair come first though. Body - I just generally like a woman to take care of herself, breast and bum size isnt important. I have particular vaginas i like/dislike.
  19. init African countries are so diverse inside themselves let alone across the continent. Algeria has dishes with kidney beans, white beans, chick peas all sorts.
  20. time_bomb

    Rating Chicks

    Cant even concentrate after seeing thst
  21. Yea still about its just she lives in brixton and im docklands so it feels a bit long. This st lucian thing has caught my eye though, lives in east so its more convenient. My bachelor days are coming to an end though time to settle down shortly.
  22. Last couple beats have been work. When its north aff girls its generally friends of friends.
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