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  1. Any sites delivering on 26th?
  2. I don't relate to these people in any shape or form, so not defending them. There's no doubt asians have a deviant way about them, its shown here and in their own country, but lets not pretend white folk having been raping kids here and abroad for hundreds of years. High profile members of society have been involved in raping and murdering kids with little to no media coverage or legal action.
  3. The article title says asian grooming gang so where is the political correctness? In fact, it always says asian grooming gang, it never says white grooming gang. The real elephant in the room is the biggest grooming gang is white and is running your country, this lot are just small fry, they are the fall guys, bunch of uneducated peasant scummy asians.
  4. loooool that was a different era boy
  5. I feel like self driving cars can't work until all cars are self driving, when there's a mix there's bound to be accidents
  6. time_bomb


    Scrolled through is ig, looks like he's white
  7. Yea she's nice, she can get a meal but I'd prefer we sit in silence don't wanna hear her nonsense
  8. There will be online mode, Im worried how many hours of life ill lose to this
  9. Fat chip shop chips with loads of vinegar drops when you're in the mood for it. Had a good sit down classic british fish and chips at one place in scarborough, it was up there with some of the best I've ever had.
  10. time_bomb


    Looks great but ill probably just stick with red dead redemption and nhl19 for the rest of 2018
  11. Bruh couscous has become the most bastardised of foods, some of the combinations i see are criminal, my forefathers would turn in their graves at couscous in a salad
  12. Awful song and an awful video with a bag of ugly bitches
  13. Im not a fan of it myself its true, but if someone chooses to be ultra orthodox and is not harming anyone then thats their business
  14. I ran with it cos on both you claim most people disagree with it and other than daily mail readers im not sure what you're basing that on, I think most people dont actually care about both either way. There's a big difference in disagreeing with something and wanting it banned. Tell me what is scary about a woman wearing niqab, i dont understand it.
  15. Why are you against sodomy? Religious reasons? Seems a bit hypercritical, maybe you should move to a country where it's banned? I'm against sodomy, for religious reasons, but I don't need it to be banned cos it doesn't affect my life, same way niqab doesn't affect yours. I'd disagree most people are agains that shit, I'd say the opposite, pro gay rights is the 'in' thing and white folk love a bit of (hetrosexual) anal sex, I think your opinion on sodomy is actually in the minority, which ironically is probably the same view most muslims have on sodomy.
  16. Just saw footage of the crash, quite a weak attempt at a terrorist attack tbh / Didn't look as though he was aiming for any pedestrians, maybe just a couple policeman at the end
  17. But wearing niqab is legal in this country so they are following the laws of the country, so infact it's you who should move as you are not happy with the laws of the land, maybe try your luck in Latvia where it is banned? I'm sure they'd welcome a black man with open arms. / It's a barrier to communication? How many times in your say 26, 27? years on this planet have you had to communicate with someone in niqab? / In the article boris didn't say it say it should be banned, he actually said the opposite, but he also said they look like a letter box which is offensive. So then 'most of us' are thinking we shouldn't ban it like norway but they look like letter boxes, you are infact islamaphobic.
  18. lol why is gambino in there? My mrs wears hijab not niqab. 'Burka' doesn't exist in my culture so its irrelevant.
  19. Ballers is my guilty pleasure, can just sit and enjoy it no concentration or deep thought needed. My favourite show after GoT and Westworld.
  20. He did grow up to be someone they can be proud of, well done to them.
  21. He did grow up to be someone they can be proud of, well done to them.
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