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    just a decent lil inkjet ting nothing special, any recommendations?
  2. i dont chat to my family but i know theres some mad secrets being whispered
  3. central foundation, hackney/ islington - half black half white, not much asian or turkwaltham forest college - walthamstow - 1st year mostly black n asian, 2nd year all kinds of refugees
  4. add couple more pics man its raining outside
  5. lose ur erection when she takes her clothes off
  6. so how do i start 1 of these image hosting sites?
  7. majority of Mc's i wouldnt recognise on road anyway, just kno them by name.
  8. time_bomb

    Best ISP?

    i thought aol was sh*t till i went with virgin media
  9. but is it feasable for them to log good few million peoples fone information, all i know is when someone calls me for business its a straight come we meet, no negotiation ever done down the phone.
  10. i cant take jordan on ma screen but when i watched this girls programe, f*ck man she is the worstttt, she made herself look a rite d*ck!
  11. also u got smartstamp from royalmail, u download the software, then its pay as u go, u print stamps from ur printer, u can add it with a label, gives a professional look.
  12. time_bomb

    Fake IDs

    ask an algerian in finsbury park, hook u up with a french passport for 500
  13. thats layla, her dad is north african.
  14. theres 1 video on the left called 'football in p*ssy' im contemplating clicking it....
  15. coffee wit butterscotch biscuits
  16. dont bring islam into it theres nothing islaminc bout r*pe and murder, theyll burn in hell.
  17. ye i buy now n then or rent from blockbuster and copy.
  18. 1, my businesses to succeed2, to see my daughter grow up and have all she wants3, run the bulls in spain4, be a better muslim
  19. after my mrs had our kid there was no difference in her body at all.
  20. some of them bollywood girls scrub up well
  21. never my family can eat me before i let that happen, i got old school north african pride plus im muslim, u lay a finger on my mrs ill behead u.
  22. mostly ice hockey injuries, broken nose, broken hand, stitches in my eyebrow, them sort of things.
  23. chances of escaping are minimal these days, i think id ring ambulance n try plead ma case
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