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  1. http://www.profilepic.com/blackmanzwifey
  2. yep teaching another language is important, my daughter is 3 and me and her mum speak to her in english but all her grandparents speak fluent french and arabic so we encourage them to speak to her in that, and id also like her to learn the traditional north african berber language, my gran speaks that.Like old folks say young kids brains are like sponges they can pickup languages easily.
  3. north africa its 43-46, ma family sittin on beach eating ice cream, depression is setting in trust
  4. heres 1 of the chicks http://www.myspace.com/sexy_caramel_honey
  5. time_bomb


    if ur open minded to new sh*t u should check it out its decent
  6. time_bomb

    No Shame

    its not child porn but no kid should witness that unless its catchin his parents by accident
  7. time_bomb

    No Shame

    ive seen similar before, wit a chik takin naked webcam clips wit her 4-5 year old youte millin about in the backround
  8. << i could explode at any time
  9. So true.this is why she who has spent more years in the religion than YOU is speaking from HER point of view. and ur problem is? her interview was actually with al jazeera first, she has also had interviews on cnn. more chinese whispers to accuse the jews.I didnt watch the video you f*cking nonce. I was simple agreeing with a point that I thought was a general comment. Stop f*cking maoning and criticizing people, its really getting boring now man.yea i kno it was on al-jazeera but the subtitles were not from al-jazeera they were added later, when u can speak arabic come back and tell me you know exactly what she said.
  10. this thread killed it,50 quid to anyone who lashes k-os's mum
  11. few edits and mis-translations in there, and no doubt posted on a jew site
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