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  1. Grew up on packington still Marques was a no go zone
  2. The sahara is the only reason it is the way it is now? The Sahara has been there since the ice age and became a desert around 3000 BC so your theory is nonsense.
  3. Probably the most famous black algerian at the moment, no one is denying he is black, but his dna is likely more in common with mine than 99.9% of black americans today. North African come in different shades and always have going back thousands of years BC sorry to burst your afrocentric bubble.
  4. So what? I can come with the same amount of paintings of brown skinned moors, its meaningless. Fact is the likelihood of a black american deriving from a moor (a north african) is pretty low, the vast majority would be descended from west african slaves, these are facts theres no point trying to romanticise it.
  5. Lol you sound so confident, but completely incorrect. Berber DNA which many berbers of north africa still have up to 75% of, can be dated back 5000 years BC. Through all the invasions some areas remained untouched, mostly mountainous regions. North africans were never 'black', we were a race within itself regardless of the shade of our skin. As for al hubab, i dont know who he is but its unlikely youd find anyone with his name in algeria, we dont have arab names, we have islamic first names and berber surnames which have been changed slightly through history depending on arabs, ottamans and french, so some will have some arab sounds and some will have french sounds but you'd never find these name in the middle east.
  6. I think what most people felt wrong about the polices tweet was that how does a load of heroin in catford have any relevance at all to carnival, where as stormzys tweet seemed to accept that the heroin was for carnival but theres also drugs at white festivals such as glastonbury. Maybe im wrong but thats what i took from it all.
  7. Khaleesi and jon riding a dragon each, night king riding the other, big dragon fight fire vs ice. I also feel like arya is gonna become the face of someone very important.
  8. No, there are certain afrocentric americans who claim to be moor purely based upon it being a great african civilisation, its not to widen the scope of knowledge, moors were not an ethnicity, moors were not just black, moors were berbers from north africa fighting for islam, berbers then and now come in all shades, black, brown and pale skinned. I find most of the time these afrocentrics post inaccurate information or just a pic of a civilised looking dark skinned man in a turban. My grandmother is a berber born in 1917 with traditional berber tattoos on her face and hands, i can claim moor as much as anyone you'll ever meet in your life. Saying all that, i do think moors should be celebrated, along with ancient egyptians and other great african civilisations, but lets make the facts as accurate as possible please.
  9. How about moors? Another north african civilisation latched on to by many american blacks. There are stories of moors travelling to america during the columbus period, however the likelihood of a black american descending from a moor is very tiny, me and my beige skin would be more genetically connected to moors.
  10. Theres no need for her to bring race into it, pedos should be dealt with whatever their race or social status. Yes we should discuss asian grooming gangs, but only as part of the wider pedo issue. I refer back to the previous pedo topic in here, these members of the establishment were taking vulnerable boys, abusing them and murdering them. Its been completely swept under the carpet. We should be demonstrating against this shit.
  11. Asian uncles are touching up their nieces all over the gaff, and thats not just muzzies, asians are notorious perverts even back in their homeland
  12. Yes we do have a problem with some groups of pakistani men abusing vulnerable white girls, but we have an even greater problem with white men abusing their own little white boys and girls and even travelling to abuse other nations boys and girls. If she wants to tackle the pedo problem she cant start in her work place.
  13. Black egyptian nubians arent extinct theyre still around, i know an extended family of them, the closest i can compare their looks to is eritrean. Im sure the ancient egyptians were darker than the media etc portrays but its quite ridiculous that black americans latch on to egypt when their distant heritage is most likely from a more western region of africa and they should promote the great civilisations of this region, do they not realise how massive and diverse africa is? I guess i cant blame them theres such a lack of education on africa and its diversity and ancient civilisations.
  14. naa im convinced that is a set for some bbc comedy
  15. Both have such slapable faces
  16. Obviously id have to be in that situation to know what id actually do but id like to think i wouldnt take an even bigger L by spending the rest of my days in a prison cell over a tranny. God knows, its pretty much a lose lose situation however you look at it.
  17. A box or two, most definitely. Stabbing 119 times, no.
  18. Whoever been doing the vip2 league the last few years just needs to reactive it again
  19. lol middle class white fights are jokes / that car crash vid is fake im sure
  20. Wankers. Sick shot though, connected perfectly.
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