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  1. I was in algeria a month ago, theres a huge amount of sub-saharan africans there now, never seen so many foreigners in algeria in my life, a lot of the young men get construction jobs, the women and kids are often begging on street. Clearly their goal is europe. Its mad cos even to algerians they have this idea that europe is paved with gold. Such a false illusion.
  2. Finally catching up the rest of western europe with a team full of foreign names lol
  3. time_bomb


    Sharia law needed
  4. time_bomb

    Love Island

    never watched this show in my life but after seeing that clip i may have to tune in what days is it on?
  5. isis sniper is sick tho that was within inches of her head / if im isis im taking her as my concubine shes cute
  6. Proper rap. Untouchable.
  7. lol muslim girls going wild over this imam who saved the guy from taking a beating
  8. Poor fella, hope he gets the help he needs, everyone deserves a second chance.
  9. I hope with all these jobs brexit creates youll get off your ass and get one, im tired of paying for your psn with my taxes.
  10. Mate I was born into a block exactly like that, i now live in an apartment looking over the thames around docklands. Im absolutely disgusted with some of the comments in here, in particular by brem. Seriously foul. To imagine me, my mum and dad could have burned to a crisp in exact way these people did, mate this is 100% the fault of the local authority/government and 0% the people in there. I cant even articulate my words properly maybe its all too close to home for me. These are poor people who lack opportunities theres no disputing that at all and thats the very reason theyre there in an unsafe block. Me, my mum and dad all managed to take ourselves out of social housing individually but imagine in them years of us working our way out of there we could have potentially died in our sleep cos the local authority didnt want to spend a bit on keeping us safe, the very basic thing we wanted from a council flat, a safe roof and an opportunity to work our way out of that situation. How can you know if these people wouldnt have worked their way out of there like you and i there lives have been cut short before they had the chance its bloody awful. People MUST be locked up for this, this can never be let happen again.
  11. Mate a catastrophe just happened and the victims were predominantly ethnic minority and/or muslim, in the heat of the moment searching for answers its plausible to assume there could be racial related arson behind it. Same way in the very first moments we heard people asking was it a terror attack. Singling out those few words that one muslim woman said amongst all of this and the dozens of videos speaking sense is just ridiculous, as is feeling its ok to do it cos we didnt post in the manchester thread. Take your nonsense back to the brexit thread.
  12. Gambino couldnt be more daily mail if he tried
  13. Lived there for 4 years, theres rows and rows of blocks full of blacks and arabs right next door to millionaires in victorian town houses in grove and latimer.
  14. Police were quick to get out of there
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