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  1. Massive respect to the fire fighters there, you gotto have balls of steel to go in a tower block on fire
  2. Was watching live streams on twitter of this till 5am last night, was mad to see people hanging out their windows, the fire brigade had these tall ladders with hoses on them but could reach nowhere near the top. Id expect death toll to get pretty high. Awful. Insane to think in london 2017 something like this can still happen.
  3. wow thats a massive fire
  4. Cant even believe he'd make something up like that for publicity so must be real, in which case is awful, very sad indeed.
  5. time_bomb

    E3 2017

    I havent had an assassins creed game before so i think that will be a cop for me
  6. time_bomb


    Fine without it tbh, p*ssy is the ultimate.
  7. time_bomb

    The Brass Thread

    So you should.
  8. Nice. Even facially shes matured well.
  9. Hung parliament would be good, id accept conservatives with May resigning, i cant have May as my leader. Managed to vote before work, labour.
  10. The prophet Mohammed had 3 sons who all died in childhood of illness. This guy is a shia and probably an israeli plant.
  11. Lol that guy is a top plant, i saw him on an interview on australian news talking absolute fraff.
  12. Fuck sake i facepalm whenever she gets airtime
  13. What browny points am i scoring? As someone who is born and raised in london im horrified that such things take place, im also horrified that this will immediately in some way be linked to an average joe like me. A couple of reasons why im not sitting here crying my eyes out, 1 - these things always seem to be all too convenient, they seem to happen when they need to happen, if you get what im saying? 2 - 7 people dead would be considered a good day in a war torn country like iraq or syria, or even famine ravaged countries in east africa, yet i see very little compassion from the likes of yourself towards such things.
  14. I was just remembering that thread we had in here about pedos, how they were abusing and murdering street kids, snuff movies and what not. Didn't May have some links to that? The whole thing has been swept under the carpet just like we knew it would.
  15. Gambs dont have to worry about not being able to get a job, he has no intention of working. / That salman abdi was allowed to come in and out the country cos thats exactly what the government wanted him to do.
  16. has all content been wiped from the forum?
  17. lool was just gona say thats where Some Guy has been hiding
  18. Its mad, i hate tories, cant accept may as my prime minister, i dont particularly like labour but i do like corbyn, if they had even half a chance id probably vote lib dem. I voted lib dem last election and it was a big mistake.
  19. Nowhere near as much interruptions by paxman, it became a bit silly towards the end with corbyn. Still, i think corbyn comes across as way more sincere and speaks from the heart.
  20. Whats the problem with him meeting IRA if it was for the sake of long term peace? / He needs to ditch dianne abbot, shes not built for a big role in a general election
  21. Love his bond movies. Man with the golden gun was on tv couple days ago.
  22. Disgusting. Whether its a convenient red flag or a nutcase in the name of religion, its always the innocent who pay the price.
  23. Received my polling card
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