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    Oh, what my interest are, who I be with.

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  1. HAHA

    jus saw the comment bout 50 yrs late, i bet u dnt even post here anymore

    anyway safe for the generic comment

  2. ws gud g, jus passin tru. BANG!

  3. Dear Diary

    The Unwirtten Laws Of Vip2

    dont take ANYTHING face off says SERIOUSLY and assume he doesand on a REALif ya making a thread about something like that is on the news dont just cut and paste and not make a valid comment it shows you dont actually read ya OWN threads and you end up getting broken down by people like capre or streets (in these instances capre is usually right)So people cant post links giviing infomation to the forum they have to write an essay with it...
  4. Dear Diary

    For the ladies

    f*ck off then
  5. Dear Diary

    Gold Chains

  6. Dear Diary

    The Unwirtten Laws Of Vip2

    Don't be a wasteman like ashman.
  7. Dear Diary

    For the ladies

    LMAO jahahahakjklj
  8. Dear Diary

    The Unwirtten Laws Of Vip2

    That ones garbage bruv.A good first topic by whoever will naturally get intelligent replies.
  9. Dear Diary

    What about this

  10. Dear Diary

    Richard & Judy's Daughter

    that picture aint too good but rom what i see on e4 id slam it
  11. Dear Diary

    For the ladies

    Them chicks in your sig are a waste of life you f*cking homo guy
  12. Dear Diary

    For the ladies

    All wastemen try battle on a forum on friday night, f*ckin losers
  13. Dear Diary


    weed and alcohol on a regs, coke when offered, never crack or brown