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  1. Frost


    Mines still down
  2. Last or first.Id prefer the HP, but the other is Sony Vaio.Hard choice.
  3. Frost


    I work at a Pc repair place so theres BARE grown geeky men there. One swears by his PS3 and another swears by his 3k PC. PS3 guy says PS3 is the winner.Bearing in the mind the PS3 owner loves his pcs too, i found that quite satisfying.
  4. Frost


    Eating an apple.2nd day of my new job,9.30 till 4.30/5.00then 5 till midnight on Cod4.
  5. Frost

    Fuck Microsoft

  6. I always use to wear total 90s my fave pair they did in a color that was like 2tone, like a bronze and a green (kinda changed color, and they also did them in TNS at the time lol)Sick.Now i wear copa mondials.
  7. Whatwantswhat.Did you play your games at Wilford by anychance?
  8. Whats your age group? County always had talented youth teams and weren't as 'restrictive' in there scouting. Forest let bare heads pass through the net. Furthest i got was 3 game trial with Notts County.I was there around under 14's to under 16. im 20 now (21 end of jan) I was there when sam allydace (spelling) just took over. When was you there?Yeah forest's set up as u said is leaky.Leon best was in my age group, was a ball greedy f*cker lol He somestimes played for the older age group. Will hoskins was in the older group.
  9. Frost

    Clan Match

    Yeah u can have mics
  10. How many of you were signed up/released from professional clubs as youngers.How long where you with the club for.Why did u get releaseddid you move to a next club(not expecting there to be alot of people on here but just wondering)I was at notts county for two years at about 15 got released, thought it was end of the world, lowed football for abit, started playing shitty sunday league and now i see couple of my close mates and "mates" going thru who were nowhere near my level.
  11. Frost

    Clan Match

    PS3 --------------> Master System --------------> XBOX Cod3 players.
  12. Frost


    Is that concrete fact that it isnt actual gameplay, just a question.
  13. Frost


    Overly sick.Best graphics yet.*watches 3 more times*
  14. Are any of you signed up to the Performing Rights Society (PRS)When do they pay royalties, was it the 1st of Jan?
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