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  1. I know the top one.The Miss Trini UK that is.
  2. If you're gonna buy Timberland shoes, at least buy proper ones.
  3. Only Fools & HorsesThe OfficeAlan PatridgeSwear that's about it.
  4. There were 3 of them and I believe Goliath was one of them.Obviously he can confirm this next time he's online.
  5. LOL @ that pass.People like Dietar Hamann would play that pass, wasn't THAT great.The Newcastle defence, my oh my.
  6. Duff is so swag nowNeed to take him off and play N'Zogbia further up.
  7. The first touch, technique and movement of the Man Utd top 4 (Ronaldo, Nani, Tevez and Rooney) is disgusting.
  8. WTF are United doingSwear FAYE kicked it out and United didn't give it back, cheats
  9. Eduardo is very strong mentally so if he comes back from this, I would like to think that he wouldn't be shook to risk getting injured like that again.
  10. *Puts on Newcastle scarf*Come on you MagpiesI'd be very happy with a draw today, means we got off lightly.
  11. The title race is definitely going down to the wire now.Can't see there being a bigger gap than 4 points for the remainder of the season after today's matches.
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