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  1. Friend Zone

    Defines the situation without being direct & harsh - we are in a mutual fwb type of situation, all that will follow is lewd, clandestine meets where achieving multiple orgasms is our sole aim. I have never had the "what are we" or "what is this" question after deploying this tactic.

    Priceline is really good for this too, some girl showed me The express section & you can also bid for Hotels

    Anyone ere been to Bali? off soon, any recommendations / pointers ?
  4. Kodi / TVMC / XMBC - TV, Movie & Sport Streaming

    Anyone here got a mag 254 iptv? Sportsmania is the best on kodi
  5. Zaha

    I rate Chadli, puts numbers on the board too Wilf has got good delivery, can play either side, £15m is a bargain in this market, I swear Ibe went for that amount lol
  6. Friend Zone

    The friend zone >> After I smash I put them all in the friend zone, make myself less appealing by talking about my sexual exploits (no girl wants to be wifed by a community d*ck) and their dating life / boys who draw them. Most of the post beat chit chat is about relationships, got them riding me like a pornstar and then talking to me like i'm their bestie between rounds lolol
  7. "Nah b, I'm good you know... :)"

    Been doing this, always have a period of celibacy to gain clarity & control, otherwise I'm out here being a free escort & amateur counselor Sometimes I put up old holiday pics & pretend I am out of the country just to get away from some of them.. I travel a lot so it's believable. Banged 2 girls consecutively last week and it had me questioning the game, my tongue muscles hurt, my abs were sore, sheets were dirty, condoms all over the place etc I was about to retire but the deev in me wouldn't allow it. I don't think I enjoy sex that much anymore tbh, alot of hard work, then u get all sweaty... long. Got 1 I can't say no to atm but that's because she is nasty & I like her personality, trick is to make sure you're not roasting, because when you are gagging for it, you make poor decisions
  8. Fire in your loins

    GOAT topic, the phrase FIYL is too real I've been spinning the whip back, reversing on main roads, double parking & hoping out to draw these girls.. ridiculous I drew the sloppiest spanish woman a week ago, humungous ass, it was bouncing in the long maxi dress without a care in the world, dark hair flowing.. had to fully compose myself n take a few breathes before the speech because all I could think of was spanking that ass n bending her over & calling her a puta.
  9. Zaha

    Is he worth it? Lit up the championship but hasn't really done that much in the prem Yala out shined him imo, Wilf doesn't do enough to help the striker from what I've seen, it's all about him
  10. Arsenal Summer Transfer Window

    lol I logged onto vip2 to get some intel on this fella Signing more middle aged, white, slow, european men smh all we need is a few pacy, strong french affs and we are back in this
  11. FAO: DJ's.

    technology> Bought some numarks back in 08 with a mixer for £50 from some guy kept them in the shed for years earlier this year I was curious/bored so I copped a serato sl2 controller on ebay for £100 got a cracked version of serato dj for the mac & samsung and I've been rocking ever since, time coding is so sick i would try the pro cdjs with the sound effects n that but I prefer vinyl and it's not that serious for me
  12. Dumbest/Most Corrupt youngsters from my ends

    That exposing gangs page on twitter is jokes
  13. The Big Sam Thread

    Big Sam in charge of the England circus, WATTBA
  14. Marcus Rashford

    He's already better than Welbeck, he's the real deal not like James Wilson & numbers Lingard who belong in the championship
  15. Life Of A Peeled G Part???

    I don't know why everyone is so shocked, couple 28's / PDC man have been on this rape ting since the 90s, convicted I don't listen to DVS never found him appealing but it was evident from his music what he was on, hardly an upstanding member of society I wonder what the girl did? Once a girl is over 16 she is legal, if she looks good then the lads are gonna be involved, age doesn't matter, rick ross & lira should've told u man that