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  1. We might have to sign his pals (Fekir & Tolisso) to get the best out of him..
  2. He hardly plays as a CF But you're right, his league record is poor. playing in a front 3 still offers plenty of chances to score, 15+ goals is achievable from that position from a good/top attacker. He's only 27 though, I'd like him to stick around and chip in with a few goals
  3. Nah he is decent still, I rate the boy. Terrible shooting technique and makes poor decisions in the final 3rd but he's got something. I'd actually prefer to see him converted into a central midfielder. He carries the ball well, powerful runner, long stride, good short passer, good movement. He's featured in too many games but Wenger always overplays the youth players when they first get into the first team.
  4. Klassen is a strange one, schooled at Ajax, came through there so the boy can obviously play. I still think he could cut it in the prem but will have to leave Everton for sure.
  5. Forget Sanchez, letting Diarra leave without a buy back clause was one of Wenger's biggest transfer gaffes
  6. Good to see Canales doing well out there
  7. Barkley, CF? Not for me Jeff AM or CM
  8. Man like Bolingoli Lukaku, terrible record Agony posted against the top sides Problem is he isn't a saucy player, hasn't got that class Yanited fans are used to.
  9. Cenk Tosun is a weirdo, left Champions League & challenging for a title for a life of mid table mediocrity weird guy
  10. Would've taken him at Arsenal, all the tools to be a top player £15m is a steal Not sure if Chelsea is the right fit for the boy, but he is quality.
  11. Now Khan has signed to Hearn, hopefully he will fight Brook
  12. Feel sorry for the guy really, gets subbed, doesn't get many chances, not many touches in the box.. Watched him closely today, kept coming towards the ball, I want him running in behind. I don't know much about the lad, or how he scored his goals Olympique Lyonnais but he doesn't look a threat atm.
  13. Poor guy, he was never good enough but does chip in with goals. 19 last season..
  14. I said years ago (on here i think) that we would never win anything major under Wenger again. He has a job for life imo, regardless.. even this spell isn't as bad as what Utd, Liverpool & Chelsea (finished 10th admittedly after winning the league) have endured. Wenger has been great for this club, but needs to go sharpish because people are forgetting his good work and in this social media fulled, modern world of constant content some are trying to make him some figure of ridicule, when in reality he has been a top manager. Main issue for me (has been for years) is that he has abandoned what made him successful - pace - power - athleticism We are poor to watch against the average sides, everything is too slow, the recruitment has been awful for years, i mean never in a month of sunday's were Chamahk, Sanogo etc arsenal players (there are many more). I hope he goes soon
  15. Let's not get carried away here, Nii Tackie Mensah Welbeck is by no means top draw but he is a proven player at this level who can make the difference and chip in with goals. Under the new regime, he will be a key part of the squad, Giggsy never wanted him to leave OT, the boy has pedigree.
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