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  1. LMAO Classic topic. Missed sh*t like this
  2. Numero001

    90's R'n'B

    This and the last decade r&b threads are up there with the greatest. Big up everyone
  3. Numero001


    Soca? It's a bashment tune you nutter
  4. Numero001


    Don't know if this has been dropped in here but the Sneabo feat OG Niki tune At least she's much more interesting than majority of the other female MC's. She has a personality. Them other girls just rap
  5. He still went on radio yesterday and attempted to defend himself via tunes plus commentary. Hard times for him, but it's an epic mix of tunes not only due to the circumstances. Complete playlist below and download link 1. 2Pac “Keep Your Head Up” 2. Biggie “Dead Wrong” 3. Biggie “You’re Nobody” 4. Biggie “My Downfall” 5. Biggie “If I Should Die Before I Wake” 6. Jay-Z “Can I Live” 7. Jay-Z “Hard Knock Life” 8. Jay-Z “You Must Love Me” 9. Jay-Z “Show You How To Do This Son” 10. Jay-Z ‘Dirt Off Your Shoulder” 11. Jay-Z “Come And Get Me” 12. Jay-Z “Dig A Hole” 13. Jay-Z “This Can’t Be Life” 14. Jay-Z “Renegade” 15. Jay-Z “Ain’t No Love” 16. Jay-Z “Crew Love” 17. Jay-Z “D’evils 18. Jay-Z “Lucifer” 19. Jay “What More Can I Say” 20. Nas feat. Diddy “Hate Me Now” 21. Nas “I Gave You Power” 22. Nas “Salute Me” 23. Firm “Firm Fiasco” 24. Nas x AZ “Life’s A Bitch” 25. Nas “Made You Look (Remix)” 26. Nas “Rule” 27. Jadakiss “We Gon Make It” 28. Tony Yayo ‘I Know You Don’t Love Me” 29 Game “Hate It or Love It” 30. Mobb Deep “Hold You Down” 31. D-Block “Mighty D-Block” 32. Jadakiss “By Your Side” 33. Ja-Rule “Clap Back” 34. Cam’ron “Live My Life’ 35. Ja-Rule feat. Fat Joe & Jadakiss “New York” http://www.missinfo.tv/index.php/mr-cees-throwback-at-noon-hot-97-4-4-2011/
  6. Questions: if grime is a road lifestyle on 130-140 beats, then werent So Solid quite early on? Next question, if youre saying style-wise they were inferior to the east MCs, then can you say Rappers Delight fella's werent hip hop? They spat ABC rhymes over disco
  7. Its banter with the supposed general when it comes to being the mecca of musical knowledge. I didnt say no one else said anything. I just spoke for myself cos I remember going back and forth with the don of music.
  8. So Chris Brown entered the US Album charts at number 1. Moved over 270k units. He moved more than Rihanna did in her first week of Loud. TF and every other youth that argued against me to say he couldnt make a comeback and his career would be dead? Told you from the time of hitting Rihanna that he'd be able to recover. The reason the first album post-Rihanna flopped is because he didnt let the dust settle. His gap in the market was hard to fill. That's a top ten over here with Yeah x3, #2 with Chipmunk, Look At Me Now is doing well Stateside (not sure of chart position), not to mention Deuces topped US r&b charts for 7 weeks. That will be all. Thanks for reading. I'm expecting negs and abuse, it's cool
  9. Numero001

    Indian Sample Era

    Arabian/Indian sample with bashment drum sequence era to be precise (Thoia Thoing, Indian Flute, The Bounce, Truth Hurts - Addictive, What They Gonna Do etc.) Timbo and R. Kelly were fully on dancehall them times. My contribution
  10. Wiley is the truth "This is a advert"
  11. Numero001

    Them Ugandan gays

    Playing devil's advocate here, two men having sex produces? A pum gets moist, but bum? Just saying there are arguments that it isnt natural/normal 2 gay men/women is consetual an adult and a child is abuse I cant see the logic of matching them together. So 2 people who are happy with their life should be beaten up sent to jail or even killed just because of their sexuality? Its stupid what has it got to do with anyone apart from the people involved in the relationship? But them countrys are f'ed up with way they think. Was watching unreported world about central african republic they send people jail for being witches. Some women said she saw this next women turn into a cat then she got sick and people actually belive this stuff and it was enforced women was beaten and sent jail. Didnt say if its right or wrong, more "is it natural/normal?" to your "looked at as an illness" not the paedo bit.
  12. Numero001

    Them Ugandan gays

    Playing devil's advocate here, two men having sex produces? A pum gets moist, but bum? Just saying there are arguments that it isnt natural/normal
  13. Who negged him? Own up? Diwali is one of the greatest riddims ever.
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