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  1. Savant

    Goldeneye for the N64

    Goldeneye & Perfect Dark = HOURS OF JOY AND RAGE
  2. Savant

    Timberland Shoes

    They are being rocked.Cant deny that.
  3. Savant

    Name of this song?

    SEEN.*Ducks out*
  4. Savant

    hiphop Erykah Badu

    Hit me up with a link please.
  5. Savant

    Ne-yos Hairline

    *Cries*Seriously though, that can not ever be lined up can it?
  6. Savant

    Ne-yos Hairline

    LMFAO LMFAO He's pissed.His barber must use next techniques.
  7. Savant


    Call me.
  8. Savant

    I'm throwing down the gauntlet.....

    How am I begging from time on Vip2 and in every other walks of life, Mickey Kane>>>>>Reel On Roads>>>>>>Bedroom Bully>>>>Shaolin Sinz...You were questioning my musical fortitude and I'm challenging that statement in the traditional Hip-Hop manner, a battle... them hollywood movie lines thereLOLM.Kane always got them bars.*NoB*
  9. Savant

    Ah wah di blouse and skirt

    What was that scheme we use to do? Make a topic of the WASTE and message them the burial.It had a name.
  10. Savant

    Ah wah di blouse and skirt

    Wog socket descendant.
  11. Savant

    OG Triple OG hoe

    So I looked her pics using my ghost Myspace...She's in her 2nd childhood.
  12. Savant

    OG Triple OG hoe

    Post her friends then.
  13. Savant

    OG Triple OG hoe

  14. Leave it.What are you man doing for Grime, Funky, Old Skool sets? How you tag them?