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  1. lilwarrior

    Maya Jama (colourism topic)

    listened to abit of it, was just saying she didnt mean it. she was young and ignorant, exactly what i expected.
  2. lilwarrior

    ukfunky Donae'O Party Harder album #bringbackukfunkychallenge

    Marimba, I'm the guy, run down ft. lottie. my top 3, liked hearing lioness again, aint heard her in years.
  3. lilwarrior

    ukfunky Donae'O Party Harder album #bringbackukfunkychallenge

    Gonna give this a tump right now. i know he won't let me down
  4. lilwarrior

    The Music Video Thread

    I've never heard of joyner lucas and I'm glad i never knew what he looked like cos i thought it was actually the white guy rapping, that was really good, i loved it
  5. lilwarrior

    New esco skepta chronik d double tune

    and thats the mentality of most broke boys. he was way over rated. but i rated that it was him to made lord of the mics wasn't it, him and hammer. That was one of the biggest things from grime, so i can say he's important to grime, but definitely not a good MC
  6. lilwarrior

    The Music Video Thread

  7. lilwarrior


    just came back from kavos (festival ting) was my first lads holiday, i had the TIME OF MY LIFE!!! even though i got stopped and searched there and fell off my quad 15 mins after getting it lol were looking our next holiday straight away, but that was so good were considering go back next year. split between that and miami i always said these party *edit* holidays must be shit being around everyone from ends, but flipping heck it was great.
  8. lilwarrior

    The Video Thread part 2

    that was trash. still a touch better than the one with justin bieber.
  9. lilwarrior

    hiphop Joe Black

    was just coming to post that
  10. lilwarrior

    The Picture Thread (NO Chicks or NSFW) pt2

    alie, hating on a man cos it wasn't an exciting enough change for you
  11. lilwarrior

    The Picture Thread (NO Chicks or NSFW) pt2

    apparently from charging people to put up their ads/songs whatever they want to promote, but i can't remember reading that warmzn guy charges £9 to promote anything (your song in a post or your ad pic whatever)
  12. lilwarrior

    Sick apps

    basically download to your iPhone ? if this works on soundcloud i'll be interested too
  13. lilwarrior

    Buying your own property in London

    who is the house builder? and i probably would say yeah if you can get a good amount for it. if you own it though and you wanted to, invest in it, add quality
  14. lilwarrior

    Buying your own property in London

    TBH just because of what i see/know i wouldn't touch new build unless i actually had no other option. Or i chose the materials myself (which I've never seen anyone do before but i guess cos they don't know what they're looking at)
  15. lilwarrior

    Buying your own property in London

    No, you can do, they look good, always in tip top condition when you get them, but the first couple of months you'll be sorting out repairs (which the house builder will pay for) then after maybe 10 years you'll have repairs again, most of our materials have 10-30 year guarantees and these days a guarantee/warrantee really means that amount of time and not a minute more. but during that time you can make good money but it won't be for a long time.