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  1. How i can i be hearing this lady gaga tune and look up and its not even her. even got them selves a fake kardinal offishall. even the beat sounds the same lol.
  2. its gonna be 3d thats why the film looks so sh*t.. most of them films do
  3. drum roll please......dum-didy-dum173,000
  4. Macaroni n Chesse >>>>>>>> your dinner
  5. Tungz

    Waterloo Road

    whys the youngest brother got a receding hairline at that age
  6. farther figure= giggsmother figure = pinky
  7. hes actully big >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
  8. Never tried making it before so i thought id have a go , so ye , umm listen and can i get some feedback plz
  9. was thinking bout this film the other day, saw da trailer time ago, then heard nothing more
  10. o sh*t id run away as fast i can and wudn't look back
  11. id beat it and dat dj she-devil chick
  12. Tungz

    String vests

    yeah, more time got a string vest on
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