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  1. CAMECHI89

    Closing The Deal...

    Something like what he said, no need for words...... except maybe to look in they eyes and say "Come ere"
  2. CAMECHI89

    PES 2009 -17/10/08

    hav u actually seen wot those players luk like on da nu pro.swag.NO HOMO.Have you actually played the game yet...?
  3. CAMECHI89

    Official Job Vacancies Thread

    what time you finishmake sure u got your wallet on youno homoMight have to pop in, what deals can you do for me...?
  4. I havent been with anyone since my break up but come to think of it, couple ofthe girls I have been watching/talking to do have similarities to my ex.A bit more than just a coincidence but I think thats just because its my preference.
  5. CAMECHI89


    Hence the saying that... 'Love IS NOT a decision, it's a feeling'I kinda agree with what Sub Zero said a lil while back though. Ive experienced 'love' and it didnt go too well.Handled things better than I thought I could/would though. Shits messed.Learning curve. I'm gona be A LOT more hesitant from now on.
  6. CAMECHI89

    Sexually sensitive

    LOL tried doing this once, walking like an old man, back jus ben up ting... and walk like jon crow. Them ones where you slouch like your stomach is hurting.
  7. CAMECHI89


    Yeah when I get married, I would like my wife to take my surname if not then at least double barrelour surnames. IMO it kinda shows a sense of closeness. Having different surnames would seem nuts.iS Quonisha a real person by the way?
  8. CAMECHI89

    The Ex

    Sometimes its not a good idea to fight against your emotions.If your thinking about her then so be it. Its normal...but if you find yoursellf thinking TOO much then you gotta occupy urself better.Just dont let it affect anything you have right now, ie your new girl.
  9. CAMECHI89

    I Just Told Her...

    Lol your a joker and NO I DIDNT date a chick with a Hijab. I said I have been talking to her alot recently.Sharing knowledge and that. My mum has met her. Thats all.
  10. CAMECHI89

    I Just Told Her...

    You took the words right out of my mouth.This is the point I was tryna make. I am NOT SAYING the ONLY WAY to better myself is through religion,coz obviously that is not the case.But one reason I chose Islam over Christianity is BECAUSE OF THE DISCIPLINE as well as my beliefs.There are bad Muslims and there are Bad Christians. But IMO many Christians (from what I see)lack the fundamentals of discipline and because of this they start to slack in their worship to God etc...Has that answered your question Marlon?
  11. CAMECHI89

    I Just Told Her...

    Gunner start getting ready.DOT2DOT I was positive about that but you NEVER know some genious wizz kid could have suprised me.
  12. CAMECHI89

    I Just Told Her...

    From what I know you can live with a non believer because Muslim men DONT haveto marry Muslim women. It is just seen as better.Someone correct me if im wrong?PSI have a headache man I need to rest. You know them serious head throbs from being onda PC too long.BRB
  13. CAMECHI89

    I Just Told Her...

    Yeah I think it is a bit of brainwashing combined with her truly believing Christianity is the only waycombined with loyalty. lol
  14. CAMECHI89

    I Just Told Her...

    Yeah I hear you still.When you follow Gods will, in my eyes you become free. Free from all this manipulation.By manipulation I mean all the materialistic things some bredda's live their life for like cars watches and all thatcrap there.
  15. CAMECHI89

    Stop and search...