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  1. @Da Luv Doc Giving up a season ticket is not easy when you love your club and football is a part of your life. You say let a tourist or someone who doesn't care as much take the ticket and let Emirates get worse but they don't care about the atmosphere, chanting or who is in the seat. They care about the money... and me giving up my season ticket won't lead to a loss for them. Our waiting list is so long that half the stadium can give there tickets back but still be picked up by others so what changes? Matchday revenue is not what it was 10 years ago (ask Wenger 🙄) so the need to fill sea
  2. Quoting me from 6 years ago, when he had back to back Golden Glove's and a Premier League title. Shit changes.
  3. Moyes "era" was one season where the glory hunting fans came out the woodwork by all of a sudden not supporting/watching there club as much. This is completely different, this is not Arsenal FC anymore. I can't stop supporting the club, although I just go to away games now, but I don't love football like i used to.
  4. Its the main issue/talking point at our club now, why would you lock or ignore it?
  5. What more can be said that I havent already. Lifes been sucked out of me arguing with clueless people like TF for 10 years. Footballs not exciting anymore. I'll be back on for Chelsea (A) The last 3 days have turned many more fans so its gonna be a crazy season. A shit one, but if change doesnt come after what i see happening between fans this season then I give up.
  6. I helped start it up, done the logo too.
  7. Amazing. Wanting the same success over 10 years for your club rather than this bullshit is completely normal. It has nothing to do with Chelsea ffs, take that record and give it to Ipswich I'll still take it over the embarrassment we've seen. Anyway, the original point was that someone said they want to win and couldn't care less about good football. Has Wenger really brainwashed you to believe good football comes before winning trophies? Or even competing? Do we even play good football? Wake the fuck up this isn't them days where the thought of Arsenal vs Brazil was talked abo
  8. Au Revoir. Gule Gule. Adios. Ozil's a mug for coming out with that bullshit.
  9. So what? People like you will allow him till the end of the season then what? How do you show your frustration an anger at the same old shit at the END of the season? There isnt a platform during the summer where fans can have a say an influence decisions. Just gets brushed under the carpet and come August your type will say "well he's still here, give him till May." Yes, its mid-season but I could of told you this was gonna happen during the summer. Its inevitable. It does not matter what players we get, our manager hasnt got it in him anymore so he should fuck off!
  10. 2:35 onwards.... Starts with him being told about the fans chanting spend spend and his reaction? Laughter. Then he made a point about spending but spending on quality He didn't make a point of the IF mate ffs he added that in there to stop anyone thinking he has 300 million, which none of us think anyway! Then the 600 employees crap and then the if we find players to strengthen our side crap. Throughout trying to deflect the subject by asking why the post match interview is about money and not football but its only OUR post match interviews that are like this because of what we do in the wi
  11. He didnt make a point of the IF mate, he said it as a regular sentence, if he wanted to make us aware of something he could just say he doesnt have 300 mill to spend plain and simple. Nobody is asking him to spend 300 million anyway so he is just talking more shit as usual. Lol someone reminded him Arsenal have 600 employees. Your a real mug and your type of fans are the reason he has this power and why we are in the position we are. Yes we can buy any other player money wise. Reputation wise no but we have the money too start pushing us that step further.
  12. Other then that shit Asap Rocky tune albums better than expected. Was expecting much more features and club songs. Intro and last 2 tracks >>>>
  13. I think they know what he said. Whats your point? The board must of told him to mention the 600 employees right?
  14. "Before you pay over the odds you have to be convinced by the player" "We already invested at a very high price. We will do so again" "We work very hard and I cannot tell you much more" "Look at the whole market, very little happens" "You do not sign players because you think its very important or not" Like I said, he should shut the fuck up.
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