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  1. havent read through the thread, but after clicking page 15 i am genuinely confused as to what the f*ck this thread is about
  2. loooool forgot about this thread, enjoyed re-reading
  3. i have 2 vents- 1) why is my name percival, i am perplexed 2) i have far too much uni work to do. this isnt the life for me i however also have an anti-vent: i am getting a free trip to canada you take the good with the bad
  4. lol bascially rape, basically she wants you to ride in on a white horse bro, dont take the bait, its too cold for fishing
  5. Percy

    Got moved to

    Looool trust Sosa to do something like that
  6. i am feeling. looking forward to the album tbh
  7. Percy

    Elder Scrolls 5

    game is awesome. looking to churn out some good time once i do some work today
  8. lol at 'thats wonderful' hbd trilliam trilloski, may your continued living bring u rewards
  9. o i c. thanks for this bro. *pos* ur from west london G. go shopping cuz lol i think i might just do this later. pos for acknowledging where im from and the swag i can attain
  10. i dnt understand the above post, wot does tinchy stryder and ghetts have to do with mikey being in pen?
  11. c/s trillz hasnt even got the courage to pull the trigger on POF let alone start anarchy in real life
  12. bro; a hearing aid is a minor.
  13. Percy

    Allen Stone

    guys sick. need album
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