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  1. Nola D


    Came across an article today about 'Florida Man' had no idea that shit was real. Gotta re watch the season now cause I feel I might of missed other subtle pop culture/media references.
  2. Basically ^ The kids like him tho my sis going to see him soon. Hes playing london.
  3. Nola D


    THIS! Kelela is a Queen so authentic. Went to her listening party a couple months ago and she was so humble. No frills just good music
  4. Nola D


    hmmm no to both these comparisons
  5. Nola D


    oh i'm not comparing them they sound nothing a like. IAMDDB can sing quite nicely actually the EP though sounds nothing like her previous stuff. I also admit I thought the EP was trash at first but its catchy af.
  6. Nola D


    I dont feel/understand the way she structures her songs, her melodies, her actual lyrics and the way she writes them. She just doesnt resonate with me. I love her style though I think shes really alluring. / LOVE LOVE IAM DDB 'Hood Rich' been on rotation
  7. Can someone hook me up with this Black Child EP cant find it anywhere
  8. ^^ thats a tune as is burn one interlude, first world probs, talk 2 u, so far gone. Such a good first album. I dont wanna compare but i defo hear the influence of a couple artists on this. The melodies in talk 2 u are very donnel jones.
  9. This dude's new album is so good totally in love with it
  10. I like WS Boogie but Con and Benny are just next level.
  11. Nola D


    ^^ Thought the same thing. Considering Raina was Ghost's 'babygirl' they did't really mourn her death that long. The whole ep felt crammed/rushed a lil bit. Will still tune in S5 so its whatevs I guess.
  12. Basically Agree. Dave is just ok prefer looking at him.
  13. Wow this dude's beats are divine. Everything i been looking for. Thanks
  14. Like that track a lot who is the chick rapping on this? That beat is nice too.
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