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  1. FA23

    Sacha Baron Cohen

    Sacha >>>
  2. FA23

    Sacha Baron Cohen

    >>>> American gunmen This is awful yet so real
  3. FA23

    Sacha Baron Cohen

    This is ridiculous
  4. FA23

    Sacha Baron Cohen

    Didnt realise it was being broadcast over here, should be jokes.
  5. FA23


    We’ll deserved modric & mbappe
  6. FA23

    The England Football Team Thread

    said it in the match thread, the guy is trash
  7. FA23

    Brits Abroad - Footballers Playing Overseas

    Should be a good summer for Brit’s going abroad Transfers abroad Summer 2018 https://englishplayersabroad.com/2018/07/12/english-abroad-transfers-summer-2018/
  8. FA23

    England Euro 2020

    Better not be, that whole 5 in front of the defence needs fixing
  9. FA23

    Semi Finals (& 3rd place match)

    Souness spot on. We had zero link players.
  10. FA23

    England Euro 2020

    There’s an opportunity for the whole middle of the team to be upgraded on. How do you think we will line up? Sancho, sessegnon, mount, foden, winks, rlc, kwp and more of the young winners to hopefully break thru in the next 2 years
  11. FA23

    Semi Finals (& 3rd place match)

    Obviously been told to drop because we don’t have a #10 and have no midfielders who can pass it forward. He leads the line at spurs because he gets service / Imcumberant talking nonsense as usual
  12. FA23

    Semi Finals (& 3rd place match)

    Henderson’s fucking shit
  13. FA23

    Semi Finals (& 3rd place match)

    England get raped down Young’s side