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  1. FA23

    Theresa May

    Gone by the end of the week?
  2. FA23

    Summer Transfers 2019

    Real after Salah now too?
  3. FA23

    hiphop Nipsey Hussle

  4. FA23

    uk-rap slowthai

    album out today
  5. FA23

    Local & European Elections

    Has been getting funded by Arron Banks Being an Elite >>>>>
  6. FA23

    The Virtues

    Written and directed by Shane Meadows, `The Virtues' is an emotionally charged drama that teeters on the edge of total self-destruction. Joseph is already in a precarious situation battling an alcohol addiction and memories from a dark childhood, but his life is thrown into further disarray when his ex-partner moves to Australia and takes their son with her. With no one to turn to but a bottle of liquor, an all-night bender prompts Joseph to confront his haunting past and he heads to Ireland. There he finds compassion from a sister who thought he was dead but also a familiar face that strikes feelings of fear within him. / Stephen Graham >>>> Absolutely smashed that performance in the first ep
  7. FA23

    Abortion ban

    Lowe it. Can't be deciding what people do with their bodies
  8. FA23

    Summer Transfers 2019

    Where's Bale gonna end up?
  9. FA23

    The England Football Team Thread

    Lol, Southgate just the same as all the others
  10. FA23

    thfc The Official Tottenham Hotspur Thread

    Instant legend
  11. Saturday 18th May FA Cup Final Manchester City vs Watford - 17:00 Saturday 25th May Copa Del Rey Barcelona vs Valencia - 20:00 DFB Cup RB Leipzig vs Bayern Munich - 19:00 Taca de Portugal Sporting vs Porta - 17:15 Scottish Cup Final Hearts vs Celtic - 15:00 League Two Play-off Final Tranmere vs Newport County - 15:00 Sunday 26th May League One Play-off Final TBA vs TBA - 15:00 Monday 27th May Championship Play-off Final Aston Villa vs Derby County - 15:00 Wednesday 29th May Europa League Final Chelsea vs Arsenal - 20:00 --- Saturday 1st June Champions League Final Tottenham Hotspur vs Liverpool - 20:00 ---