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    1. Irony is that although there is some decent music out there, it is also the era of poor poor music. Tiktok drill is one of the worst creations to come out of the uk urban scene in history.
    2. Legandary what he did for uk music, big loss. RIP
    3. These fucking pundits / Rice is absolutely trash, He's Dier levels in CM
    4. ViP2

      Fuck Mike G

      Random as fuck 🤣
    5. Terrible experiment.
    6. The powers that be told him not to send back 😅
    7. ViP2


      They did him dirty on the edit
    8. ViP2


      Send me the link and ill bang them on alldebrid
    9. Made moves, was hoping hed stay longer at apple music and fix up the shitty playlisting, its so far behind spotify on artist/community driven ones
    10. full tv schedule of all ball https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1yJUk1MOgWcT5H2aTDvSuiDJPqwHLgqjbqcCOWUy3Jok/htmlview
    11. Yeah if you have set the app data to back up to icloud in settings
    12. ViP2

      Black The Ripper

      RIP One of them artists who should have really put more out.
    13. Could be a long wait 😬
    14. SE Asia Trip been cancelled, I’m pissed.
    15. Anyone got RED invites or any other good private trackers?
    16. AJ VS Fury/Wilder ain’t gonna happen, already saying he wouldn’t do a 50/50 split.
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